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Subject: Searching for the relatives in Austria and Vienna. (Konstantin Mikhailovich Velichko - his sisters and mother Louise)
Author: Vladislav Veremeenko
Date: Tuesday, August 28, 2018
Classification: Query
Surnames: Kiseleva, Velichko, Velichkova and the one in tune but which ends with «-kopf»

I am in search of any information about my great-grandfather, who was originally from Vienna, as well as about his family.
During the First World war he was taken prisoner by the Russian army and, like many prisoners, was placed as a laborer in one of the farms in the Volga region, near the town of Pugachev.
After the October revolution, he, according to some reports, joined the belochesh movement, which after the revolt in Samara moved through the steppes to the city of Pugachev in order to join the troops of Wrangel, but was stopped. Probably, just at this time he was in the village Brykovka (now the Dukhovnitsky district of the Saratov region), where he met his future wife Agafia/Agafya Ivanovna Kiseleva (1891 p.). They married, presumably, in 1917. Great-grandfather accepted the religion of his wife, and she was from Molokans-an orthodox rout, which in the middle of the XVIII century was separated from Orthodoxy; its representatives denied the Church rites, they were sometimes called "Orthodox Protestants".
Kiseleva is Afafia‘s surname from the first husband Michael, who died at the front of the First World war. From the first marriage, Agafia Ivanovna had two daughters-Maria (born in 1909) and Antonina (born in 1911), and after he had already married an Austrian in 1917, she gave birth to a third daughter from her first marriage – Valentina.
In Russia, my great – grandfather took the Russian surname, first name and patronymic-Velichko Konstantin Mikhailovich. The air ame Velichko took Agafis after the wedding as well, under the sursame were named their joint three children – Nikolaj (born in 1919 – my great-grandfather), Lydia (born in 1924) and Maria (born in 1926, named after her elder sister, who died at 17 years of rheumatism). In the application you can see their photos in the appropriate order. Later, in 1941, Lydia and Maria, for some unknown reason, added the ending "- va" to their surnames and became Velichkovas.
During the life in Russia Velichko family corresponded with the family of Konstantin Mikhailovich in Austria. Correspondence was conducted with his mother, who, according to the memoirs of the stepdaughter of Konstantin Antonina, was called Louise, as well as with his two sisters. They all lived in Vienna.It is known that there were other children in the family, and Konstantin was the third child. The family was wealthy, had a large family house in the capital of Austria, and Konstantin was well educated, knew 7 foreign languages, including Russian.
Relatives in letters addressed to him as "Kosta", so it is possible to draw a conclusion that the Russian name Konstantin was most likely similar or consonant to the original one. Also, according to the memoirs of Antonina and Nikolaj, his real surname of Konstantin ended with "-kopf", and was also in tune with the undertaken in Russia surname Velichko.
Konstantin died of tuberculosis, which was infected while still in captivity, he was about 34 years old. According to his daughter Maria, he died three months before her birth (5 June 1926). Based on the above, we can calculate that Constantine died around March 1926, and the year of his birth is about 1892 (+/- 5 years). After the death of Konstantin the Austrian family for some time maintained relations with Agathia. Louise offered her to move to Vienna with all the children, when there was such an opportunity, but Agafia refused.
The last two photographs are presumptive Konstantin himself and also his sisters in their childhood (there is no guarantee, the presumption is based on the words of Agafia remembered by Maria, anyway she was not sure). In memory of Antonina, the father was very much like Nikolaj; Lydia was like Louise; and Mary like one of the sisters, and the grandmother of Konstantin.