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Subject: Re: Adelia Bliss Marriage to Theodore Baker
Author: Joann Sanders
Date: Sunday, January 20, 2019
Classification: Query

Yes, this is the same Adelia Bliss.

I know she married Theodore Baker (1810-1838/9/40) She then married John Denton. I do have her death certificate, no parents names on Death.

I have ancestry DNA matches from Adelia's brother and sister. Brother James(1819-1882). He married Teresa Tyner. Sister Rebecca (1821-1902). She married Isaac Morell.

Have a DNA match to Adelia's mother. Susannah Yerks (1791-1874) Father has to be Gordon Bliss Jr. (1793-1832). Got some different information on Gordon Bliss Jr. Father. (Please see Ninemilepond)

I am looking for Adelia's children via Theodore Baker and John Denton. There is actually no DNA other than Theodore (1835-1929). He married Ann Elizabeth Foster.

If possible would anyone have her marriage certificate with either husband.

I see the Bliss Genealogy regarding Adelia Bliss.

Just need to get my hands on the Baker Genealogy with Theodore and Adelia in the book. I have no information regarding Theodore.

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