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Subject: Re: Bliss Family of Kent, England
Author: LynneEwartneeRye
Date: Wednesday, October 11, 2017
Classification: Query

Hi Michael,

I sent the email a couple of days ago to the email address on the website and will copy and paste it below in case it wasn't received.


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Hi Michael,

The following paragraph is the message I wrote on the Bliss message board on 3rd August and I'm now emailing direct as suggested in your message of this week.

"I was directed here by the website of the Bliss FHS. My gg grandmother was Caroline Mary Bliss born Margate 1847, died Folkestone, 1910. Caroline married William Henry May, a mariner in Folkestone. I have Caroline's ancestry back through her father Henry John (1818 - 1900); his mother Patience Bliss 1796 - 1848 (Patience only married the father of her children after his first wife died so the early children all bore her name) and Patience's father, John Bliss born c1756 and who died in Margate in 1811. Although I have some idea of John's parentage I haven't been able to prove it so haven't included it here".

I'm fortunate as I live in Kent and so all my research over the past 40 years has been with the original records, parish registers, parish chest, wills etc. You are right in your comment on the message board in reply to me that John married Elizabeth Horton. He married her in Margate on 31st October 1784 by banns. One witness was a regular witness and the other was Matt Mummery. John in fact married twice, the second time to Mary Mahone (Elizabeth was buried in Margate on 15th March 1800 and the register states she was aged 33). By Elizabeth, John had 6 children - Mary, Sarah, Susannah, Charity, Patience and Thomas (I'm descended from Patience) and by Mary he had 7 children - Martha, John James, Charles Theophilus, Mary Stuckey, Martha Elizabeth, George Stuckey and Mary Ann Stuckey. My ancestor, Patience (by then Patience Nash), was a witness at the wedding of her half brother George Stuckey Bliss in Gloucestershire in 1835 although she was still living in Margate at the time. The burial register gave their father John's age at death as 55 so, assuming this was correct, he would have been born in about 1756.

John appears to have been the first Bliss to settle in Margate as I have found no trace of the Bliss name before. I know John lived in Church Lane as a property he was living in was advertised for sale in the local paper at the time of his death. The names of his children seem to indicate an interest in the church (and were not typical names being used in Margate at the time) - Charity, Patience, Theophilus (as a middle name). Another clue is that three children of the second marriage had the middle name of Stuckey and I'm not sure where this comes from. I had thought it was probably from his second wife's family but I have found a John Bliss who was a butcher and drover in Faversham (so not too far away). He was born c1800 in Spittlefields and  named one of his children Sarah Stookley in 1826. This is very similar to Stuckey and so I'm wondering if the Stuckey/Stookley name is connected to the Bliss family  or just a red herring! All "my" baptisms, marriages and deaths have been in the Church of England.

Another clue is that Patience's half brother, George Stuckey Bliss, married in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire (to Matilda Golsney Masters) in 1835 and settled there. His half sister Patience, by then Patience Nash, was a witness at his wedding - possibly in lieu of his mother who had died just a few weeks earlier. I think there are quite a few Bliss entries in Cheltenham and that area but again this could just be a coincidence. Matilda, his wife, was born in Bristol. George was only two when his father, John, died so may have been helped by relatives living elsewhere? His mother Mary died in Margate in 1835.

Would welcome any thoughts you may have and if you would like any more information on this branch of the family just let me know.

Best wishes