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Subject: Laye Photos I have
Author: DarleneSheldon2908
Date: Wednesday, November 13, 2002
Classification: Query

I'm hoping that someone on this list can help me. I have roughly 100 or so pictures of people I don't know. Here's the story: My favorite Uncle died in 1984, after his death his sister gave me an envelope full of pictures that she didn't know. (she was hoping I could identify them) Well, I've tried for almost 10 years now, with no luck. I'm posting to this board because a lot of the pictures say "Laye Family" at the bottom of them.
My uncle used to take trips to visit his sister in Ohio (I think this is where the pictures were taken, since I never met any of that family).
My Uncle's name was Walter Wayne McKim (he went by Wayne). His sister's name was Mildred Louise McKim, married William Reasoner in 1927. I know we all had an Aunt named Julia Lemord Wallace she married James Lowe (don't know the year). I would like very much to identify these pictures & get them to the correct families.
Other names on some of the pictures are: Smith, DePriest, Koenig, Salings, Brown, Garman & Ellis. 80% of the pictures are black & white & date back as far as the 1940's. 20% are in color.
If anyone wants to see some of the pictures you can e-mail me & I'll send pictures.
Thanks in advance for any help.
Darlene Sheldon -

P.S. Surnames that I'm researching: McKim, Wallace, Sheldon, O'Banion, Truesdell, Westcott, Annett, Shake