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Subject: Gottschalk Family of Teusin
Author: rbky2
Date: Thursday, July 18, 2013
Classification: Query
Surnames: Gottschalk, Awe, Söhnholtz(Saneholtz), Hickstead

We are looking for any one whom might have Gottschalk ties, or family, in and around the small town of Teusin in Pommern, Prussia.

Surrounding (local) towns are: Utzedel, Roidon, Schmarsow, Vanselow, Hohenmacher, Sternfeld, Strehlow and Leistenow, to name a few. Demmin could be a possibility, also! We know some records for Teusin are stored in Hohenmacher.

Any help with my brick wall would be appreciated. Even a tip for a pro, for that area, would be appreciated.