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Subject: Marriage witnessed by Francis Adam Kirche Marylebone 1820s-1830s
Author: Oliver Gauld-Galliers
Date: Thursday, August 1, 2019
Classification: Query
Surnames: Kirche Groux Mullot

In March I located a marriage record of a James Ferdinand Kirche I’m researching and the marriage in the 1820s or 1830s was witnessed by his brother Francis Adam Kirche; however, that record vanished from my shoebox and now I can’t locate it, as searches for James Ferdinand Kirche don’t turn up this marriage (a James Kirk marrying in 1823 in Stepney is not him and the witness wasn’t the one seeking either).

I’ve got the marriage of James when he was working as an interpreter servant in Paris and married a Honorine Angelie Mullot, in which he lists his parents as Adam Kirche and Angel Hance (an Adam Kirche and Angelica Hanns were married in London 1796). Honorine’s parents on the Paris marriage are listed as Charles August Mullot and Marie Louisa Morine Fourneaux Groux, and Honorine has a sister Octavie Virginie Mullot married Nicolas Brochain on 29 November 1825.

However the Paris wife Honorine died pretty soon after this and James married when he returned to London and was witnessed by his brother Francis Adam Kirche, who died in 1839 in Great Woodstock Street, Marylebone.
James had witnessed Francis Adam Kirche marriage in 1830 with Mary Bellinger.

I don’t know what happened to the record in March but it vanished in my shoebox where I’d saved it to check it out later.
The marriage clearly stated that James Ferdinand Kirche was getting married and clearly listed the witness as Francis Adam Kirche although I can’t remember what the spouse’s name was. The marriage was later than 1825 as that’s the year James married in Paris and the Paris wife died and was earlier than 1839 because his brother died that year.
It’s very likely the marriage was in the 1820s as in April 1830 James has a daughter Caroline baptised at Great Woodstock Street, the same location as his brother’s death nine years later and his father Adam Kirche’s death in December 1825. In that baptism James is still an interpreter servant and in 1834 he again turns up in France as an interpreter servant on some immigration record, interestingly mentioning he has one child with him but gives not her name; it seems he speaks French most likely through his mother and has made himself useful to a rich household through it, as he’s channel hopping rather a lot and is promoted all the way to a butler when his daughter gets married in London many years later.

No matter how many variants I try James Ferdinand Kirche, even changing it to James Couch, James Kirk or Jas Kerch or whatever, nothing turns up now and that record is just gone; I’ve spent an hour searching through my shoebox on both my main tree and my one dedicated entirely to Kirche, Twitchett and other families during that time and place and it has vanished.
I was wondering if there’s anywhere I could use the witness as the search term instead and search Francis Adam Kirche.

Thank you.