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Subject: Sarah McClelland
Author: christy baker
Date: Monday, September 30, 2019
Classification: Query
Surnames: McClelland, Birkheimer

Searching for information on Sarah McClelland. She was born in 1803 in Green County, Pennsylvania and Died in 1876 in Pleasants, West Virginia. She married Thomas M. Birkheimer (1806-1881). They had the following Children: John M. 1827, Mariah 1829, James 1831, Ephriam 1834, Rebecca 1836, Elva Ann 1840, Sarah J. 1843 and Thomas J. Birkheimer 1836-1888 (who I'm decended from). I would like to know who Sarah's parents were. I have taken the ancestry DNA test, and everyone, up to and including Sarah and Thomas, I am matching DNA with. I cannot find hardly anything as to who Sarah's parents were, and the ones i try to use, I'm not matching any DNA with, so my guess is that it is wrong. Thank you in advance for any help with Sarah's Parents.