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Subject: Buehler/Buhler family of Kleinerdlingen
Author: Lin Herz
Date: Tuesday, April 9, 2013
Classification: Query

I am looking for the origination of the name Buhler in my family and any other information anyone has. I just found out my Buehler/Buhler family was named Schweizer before their name was Buhler (changed to Buehler in the US). We are Jewish. Before 1813 the Jews in Germany did not have family (or last) names as we do now. The ancestor known as Joseph Buehler I found out was never a Buhler. He was Joseph Schweizer 1746-1818?. His son, born Abraham "Joseph" Schweizer changed his name to Buhler when the Jews had to pick a "family name." He was born and lived in Kleinerdlingen, Germany. We don't know how the Schweizer name came, or why it was changed to Buhler. Two generations before Joseph Buhler, I just found out the "last name" used was Weyl. but we don't know if that last name was only used for one generation, as Salomon Weyl's son used the name Schweizer. I'd love to hear from anyone who can help.