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Subject: Thacker research
Author: Chris Thacker
Date: Tuesday, August 16, 2016
Classification: Query
Surnames: Thacker

I started on my Thacker family tree this past weekend and made decent progress. I've heard about a book but have failed to find it either for sale online or for download. All of the links I've found are dead. Can someone provide me with this info please?

"A genealogy of the Broady, Harris, Napper, Thacker, and Trent families"

Also, while I've found some help, and even apparently an unknown cousin, I expected to be a little more of a group effort to build trees, sharing/replicating, etc so that past work could be improved upon and completed versus everyone creating their own trees which doesn't take advantage of everyone's different level of knowledge of their small part of the tree. Is there a large and accurate, and publicly accessible, Thacker tree that one can use for reference or even import?


P.S. If anyone cares for more info, I descend from Paschal Thacker (1848-1923), Harrison, Vinton County, Ohio (Chillicothe)

Feel free to email or contact me via the info listed on my profile