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Subject: Re: John Deere Battalion in Belgium WW2
Author: jimpmcgraw
Date: Sunday, July 10, 2011
Classification: Query

My father, James J. was in the battalion. He has a picture of the battalion (about 3'x 1') in his house. It doesn't list the names, but I was able to find him in it. he is 90 and still knows a few of his buddies. He never did know all of them. He worked for Deere & Webber before entering the service, is 90 years old now, and is at Mankato Impl. to this day. His father John G., was the Deere & Co. Service Mgr., staying on past mandatory retirement, until the 4010's were introduced (Deere wanted a clean break from the two cylinders)and I believe the picture hang in his office until he retired and at his death passed on to my father! I am very interested in anything about WW2 and would appreciate any info you might have on the JD battalion.