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Subject: Re: Grandfather's birth cert.
Author: thomasker2
Date: Thursday, March 9, 2017
Classification: Query

I’m not related to any member of this family.

You did not state your grandfather's 1st & last name.

KS vital records -
Birth and Death records have been filed in this office since July 1, 1911. Marriage records have been filed with this office since May 1, 1913.

By state law, vital records filed with this office are not open for public inspection and the requestor must meet certain eligibility requirements; which is -- must be named on the record, an immediate family member, or someone who can legally prove the record is necessary for the determination of personal or property rights. We allow post 1940 records to be requested by parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles. Pre-1940 records must be requested by someone with the relationship of at least a cousin. A request without an exact date can be made if enough other information is provided and the name is not a particularly common one (i.e. "John Smith"). By law, the initial $15.00 fee is a five-year record search fee -- one certified copy is issued if the record is found and if not found, the fee is retained. Up to a five-year span can be searched for the $15.00 fee, but it does help to have the date narrowed down as much as possible.

For additional instructions regarding making a request, please see our web site:

statement source -
Kama Maruska
Office of Vital Statistics