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Subject: Re: Tony
Author: aprilvjg
Date: Friday, September 6, 2002
Classification: Query

My mother's name is Virginia "Virgie" Barela Romero. She is 66 years old. She doesn't have much info on her dads family. She still lives in the same town as Margo and Olivia. I went to school with Margo and Olivia's kids. Haven't seen them in awhile. My mother was ecstatic when I told her about your email. It means so much to her. She suffered such a loss with her dad dying when she was 14. She had no further contact with his family. We would love to meet you and your husband, or get in contact with anyone else that you know. My mother says she has a picture of her grandfather and mother, Francisco and ?. She doesn't remember he grandmothers name. I told her to find it right away. I want to see it. My mom says she visited with your father-in-law Tony when she was a child and that he lived near by her then. She still lives in Los Angeles. The same area as when she was a child. Very close to downtown LA.