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Subject: Re: Cebula / Bajek - Cracow / Krakow region (1890-1910)
Author: mscebula
Date: Wednesday, December 24, 2014
Classification: Query
Surnames: Cebula, Kurdziel, Bajek, Koziol

Hi Kathleen, yes I'm always trying to continue my research when I can. Thanks for reaching out.

I found out there are a couple of towns called Stany in Poland. If he's from the one in the Podkarpackie province (near Tarnobrzeg, southeast region) then that appears to be a pretty small village so a decent chance of us being distant cousins of some kind.,+Poland/@50.3885852,21.9729327,10z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x473d2f44973014d5:0xd8a3124cea69b3b4

Eventually I do want to dig into records in Poland but I haven't had the time to wade through it all yet. A few resources I have run into that have helped me a little are listed below. is a good website that has a surname database and forum to ask questions and they are friendly people. you can track down immigrant naturalization records. It's a bit of a complex process to follow to get their citizenship papers but it can give you interesting clues. I was able to track down their birth dates and hometowns. Here's a thread on polish origins about tracking down naturalization papers from USCIS

If you can find any type of church record that's a big help. I was able to locate my grandparents marriage record at a Polish church (St Casimir) in Newark, NJ. That gave me both of their parent's names which will be huge help in searching records in Poland.

Anthony Cebula Birth 12 Apr 1890 in Rozalin, Podkarpackie, Poland
Anthony's parents - Thomas Cebula and Marianna Kurdziel
Helen Bajek Birth 09 Mar 1894 in Stany, Podkarpackie, Poland
Helen's parents - Wojciech (George, Adalbert) Bajek and Anna Koziol

Here's a link I found to parishes in Poland. They have one listed for Stany. I may reach out to them at some point to dig for birth records:.

If you are on look up my tree at username = mscebula
Good luck, feel free to reach out on or this message board.

-Mike Cebula