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Subject: Re: Barella in Las Cruces
Author: aprilvjg
Date: Tuesday, September 3, 2002
Classification: Query

Thank you for replying. My mother told me how the name got changed over the years. Another thing, my uncle "Tony" died when I was 5. He was my mothers older brother. My mother said his name was Antonio or Anthony Barella. He used the double "L" in his last name. I cant find his death record. I know these people are connected. Do you have some specific questions you would like me to ask my mother? My mother's name is Virginia (no middle name) Barela (married name Romero) she is 66 yrs old and the middle child. Her mothers name was Carmen Martinez. She married Margarito "Tito" Barela. They were both born in New Mexico I believe Las Cruces. My mother says her father was younger than her mother. Also she knows that there was a family disagreement around her parents' marriage and they may have been disowned by the family due to the marriage. Not sure. My mothers sisters and brothers are Margaret, Josefina (Josie), Anthony (Tony), Joseph (Joe), Frank (Frankie) and her, Virginia (Virgie). There are a lot of Barela/Barella's here in Southern California.
Hope to hear from you again.