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Subject: Another McOstrich,........amazing!!! Get in touch asap, OK?
Author: John Mcostrich.
Date: Saturday, November 10, 2001
Classification: Query

Hi Philip,
it was quite a surprise to find 'another one', and so close too!
A few details: I have two sisters and a brother, and live with my father and my brother. I'm 51, my father is 74.
I will tell my brother and sisters about you, they can get in touch as and when etc. They have no idea I posted the message so this will most proberbly be one hell of a surprise!
It is not that I don't want to meet but, I have Epilepsy and Eczema and am rather nervous about going out, in case I have a fit and my skin is very sore. Not helped by the cold. I haven't worked for 7/8 years because of the stuff i mentioned.
I hope this does not depress you too much!
I would really like to keep in touch though, initially by email?
How about you. Do you have a family, married etc?
Can I just say that my Epilepsy can leave me confused at times. Particularly when it comes to using my computer! Some of the everyday stuff you have to do to make it work and to find anything just dissapears now and then! For instance, I had completely forgotten I had posted the message. So if I don't answer or talk to you in is not because I don't want to !!! I would prefer you to email me if that's convenient? That way I won't miss a message because I symply forget to check the site.
As you say I posted the message a while ago, not really expecting to hear anything.
I know of a few other members of the clan living abroad if you are interested? As far as I can tell they are related to our family though a little distant.
Just cos I'm nosey, when did you post the mesg? It really is amazing that you have been working in Watford, So close and yet so far!...........Yours sincerely john