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Subject: Re: Christian Ergood
Author: trenasmail620
Date: Friday, August 10, 2001
Surnames: Airgood, Welch, Totten, Cheslock, Kraynak.

I don`t know if I can contribute much, But i`d like to help you. I have an Airgood, Aregood,Erhgood,Ergood... Surname(s)
Abram Erhgood, Aregood, Airgood... from New Jersey, Married to Leah Markle, they lived in Tamaqua, PA...
Daughters Charlotte(Mrs. Reuben Welsh), Deborah(Mrs. John Welsh, Reuben`s father) and Sarah.
Leah Died aged 38 of Hasty Consumption.
No info if Abram remarried.
Circa 1800-1900
That`s all I have.
Can we help each other?