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New Image Viewer is ready for your review!

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New Image Viewer is ready for your review!

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New Image Viewer is ready for your review!

Please do NOT share this information outside of this group! We'll be adding more people to the experience in the near future. I will let you know when it is okay to share this information with others or talk about it outside of this message board. Thanks for your understanding!

This is a long message. My apologies. The short version is:
• We have a new image viewer that works on more platforms and with more browsers
• The backend services are faster
• The nasty download process is eliminated
• To use the new viewer, you need a special link (keep reading)
• There are some new features. There are also some features that are implemented differently (keep reading)
• THERE ARE STILL SOME ISSUES WE ARE WORKING ON (such as a crash in Chrome in some cases - keep reading for details)
• We want your feedback! (keep reading)

The details
Today, we released a new image viewer on the site in a "hidden" state. We invite you to try it out by going to the appropriate URL for your location:

This magic page sets a cookie on your system that enables the new image viewer. When you follow the link, you should be automatically redirected to the home page for the site. Use the site as you normally do. When you view an image as the result of a search or browse or a link to a source image on the Person Page, the image should display in the new image viewer. (You can check to see if the new image viewer is available by clicking on the Options menu. There should be a new option for the Advanced Image Viewer (Beta). If this is not selected, click on it.)

Take a few minutes to play with the new viewer. Let us know what you think by clicking the Give Feedback link at the top right of the page. Alternately, send bugs or feedback directly to

What's New
• A new viewer that is based on Adobe Flash. This means you can use the enhanced abilities of the viewer in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari on Windows and Macintosh. In theory, it will run on Linux-based systems, but we are not actively testing on Linux.
• Simplified install process (if you have Adobe Flash Player 10.0 or later, it will just work; otherwise, you will be prompted to update your Adobe Flash Player)
• Rotate an image, in 90 degree increments
• Mirror an image
• Zoom with the mouse scroll wheel, keyboard (+ or - keys on the keypad), or zoom buttons on the UI
• Mouse drag to move the image
• Keyboard scrolling (arrow keys)
• Magnify
• Thumbnail view
• Greater speed / performance
• Support for enhanced images (high-contrast for easier reading in most cases)
• Support for compressed images (useful for slower connections)

Of course, you can still print and save images from the viewer, but these are two areas that we are polishing. We don't currently like the process and are working to fix it.

Generally, we wanted to provide feature parity with the Advanced Image Viewer that you have access to today (or that you used to have access to on Firefox several versions ago). We believe we have provided that (or will soon be providing that) and added some key enhancements.

Some changes to be aware of:
• The Zoom drop down (next to the Zoom in / Zoom out buttons) has changed. We no longer provide percentage values. The drop down now includes options for Fit Image, Fit Width, Fit Height, Full Size, Zoom In, and Zoom Out.
• No scroll bars. The new viewer provides other methods to scroll or move the image, including click and drag and the arrow keys on the keyboard.
• Printing doesn't use a custom print dialog (which the ActiveX-based viewer did). This release doesn't provide an option to print the current view. We will provide that in a subsequent release.
• Saving an image to disk uses the default browser mechanism to save the file. This may open a dialog, raise a pprompt at the bottom of the screen, or open a side panel. The default name for the file is intentionally long and should help identify where the image came from. You can, of course, rename the file.
• Default size of the image. When you load an image, the default size is set to "Fit Image." We will be changing this to "Fit Width."
• Image loading. We are using technology that allows us to deliver only the portion of the image that is being displayed in the viewer. This should make the image loading faster. It may also mean that, when you zoom in or move to a new area of the image, it may be blurred for a moment.

Some defects that we are aware of and are working to correct:
• If you are using Chrome and rapidly resize the browser window while viewing an image, the Adobe Flash plugin may crash. Close and re-open the browser to reset the viewer. This defect has been corrected on our test systems and should be available in the next week or so.
• The prompt to download Adobe Flash may not always clear on Internet Explorer (usually on version 8). This defect has been corrected on our test systems and should be available in the next week or so.
• Scrolling with the keyboard doesn't work on Safari.
• The Magnify window is too small. We will be making adjustments to it. Again, this should be done in the next week or so.

Please send feedback to and/or click the "Give Feedback" survey link in the viewer. Thanks!


-Jim Mosher
Search Product Management
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