World Archives Project: What are the steps to follow for the Review process?

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1. Download a Review image set. Currently you will see the Arbitration and Review image sets under the Review tab. Three projects are currently set up in Review mode - Pennsylvania Naturalization Originals, California Railroad Employment Records and California Biographical Collection – Sacramento County Great Register. Projects that still contain arbitration image sets are denoted with a red asterisk.

2. Open the image set.

3. Check the form types – just as in keying you will check the form type for each image in the image set. If the form type is incorrect you will need to click on Change and select the correct form type.

4. Review Fields: Going field by field you will need to “accept” what the Keyer has submitted or enter the correct information. As you move from field to field you will notice the color of the fields change from white to a tan color – this is showing the work you have done. If you change the entry for a field it will turn purple.
If you enter an option that is not in the dictionary you will still need to F7 to accept it.

5. If you need to create a new section click on the line above where the new section should start, then click on the Add Section icon.
You will see a new pop-up asking about moving the rows.
If you say “yes” you will see the new section with the remaining rows – note in the example below that you will need to enter Header information for the new section.
If you need to remove a section you will see this pop-up – and selecting yes will move the records from the current section to the previous section.

6. Complete the Review and Submit the image set. 7. After clicking on the submit confirmation the Feedback Survey will pop up – this will happen for each image set. Select all of the items that apply.

For this image set the keyer consistently missed keying multiple fields.

8. Once you have submitted your feedback the image set is complete.