World Archives Project: What are the steps to follow for the Review process?

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Single Pass/Review

What is the difference between arbitration and the single pass/review process?
In arbitration you are checking on the differences between what two keyers have submitted and in single pass/review you are checking what one keyer has submitted. This means that instead of reviewing where the differences are you are checking every field.

Step-by-step instructions:
1. Download a Review image set. Currently you will see the Arbitration and Review image sets under the Arbitration tab.
2. Open the image set.
3. Check the form types: This step requires that you select the appropriate form type from a drop down list.

Match records: Ensure that the keyer has entered all of the information from the record.
If they are missing a line you will need to add a line, and if they duplicated information you can remove a line. You can also add and remove sections if need be.

It is important that you review the record and entries carefully - if you miss adding a line at this stage you will “lose” the Review work you have completed when you come back to the Match Record screen to adjust the number of lines.

Review Fields: Going field by field you will need to accept what the Keyer has submitted or enter the correct information. You will find that using the F8 key to accept the keyers entry and Ctrl+Right arrow combination to maneuver between records will make this process go more quickly.

Submit the image set.

Note: For projects with more than one image in the image set you will be brought back to the Match Records after completing the Review process for the image so you can complete steps 3 & 4 for each image.