World Archives Project: Understanding the Feedback Survey

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In order to provide more accurate feedback we have provided descriptions for each option in the survey.

This image set was great!

This option is to be used if you didn't encounter any "big" issues. It can depend on how many records there are to key on the record; if you are reviewing a directory and the keyer missed one or two fields or made one or two minor typos I would still check this off.

Didn't enter all of the records on the image.

This option should be checked if the keyer missed keying lines from the record. For example, if they missed keying anything at all from the image or if they missed lines from a list on the image.

Missed keying fields.

If you encounter a keyer that misses keying a certain field or two check this box. A great example is when keyers miss keying in spouses, children, dates, etc.

Inferred information that was not found on the record.

If the keyer inferred information from another image, or if they carry over information from the prior image.

Entered punctuation incorrectly.

This box should be checked when a keyer consistently keys a period between records.

Did not key as seen.

Although we can't be sure if the keyer has read the instructions when you see that there are simple mistakes over and over again check this box.

One example of this is when the keyer expands abbreviated names.

Had difficulty interpreting handwriting.

If the keyer is making consistent errors in their interpretation of the typed or handwritten records check this box.

Entered information in the wrong fields.

Sometimes the keyer will have tabbed one too many times, or they are used to the columns being in a different order so they enter the correct data but in the wrong field.

Didn't use the correct form type.

Check this box when the contributor has consistently selected the wrong form type.

The issue is not listed.

Specify:... Only use this option if the keyer has made a consistent error that is not covered with one of the above choices.