World Archives Project: UK, Prison Hulk Registers and Letter Books, 1802-1849

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About this project Hulks, decommissioned ships afloat but unseaworthy, were used temporarily as housing for convicts by an Act of Parliament in 1776. The temporary act lasted for 80 years. Most British prison hulks were decommissioned in the 19th century.

Contained in this collection are images of register pages, title pages, indexes, letters, and indicator cards. Names, dates, ships, and ages will be keyed from three of the form types (Register, Title Page, and Index ); however, there will be nothing keyed from two of the form types (Letter and Indicator Card). The difficulty level is set at Average as the records are semi-legibly handwritten, but the fields to be keyed are few. Drop-down lists are provided to help determine names and ships.

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