World Archives Project: U.S. Naturalization Originals - MD and VA, 1906-1930

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About this project The project comprises records from US District Courts in Maryland and Virginia during the time period 1906 - 1930. All fields will be keyed from one of two forms; the Petition of Naturalization or the Petition for Citizenship. Occasionally, Petitions for Naturalization will appear in several subsequent images, usually covered or partially covered in all but one image. Please key each individual Petitioner only once and key from the image not obscured by other other forms. We will NOT key any forms other than Petition for Naturalization or Petition for Citizenship. Please do NOT key any other forms such as Declarations of Intention, Certificates of Arrival, Oaths of Allegiance, or Affidavits. For these images as well as for Petitions partially obscured, select the form type "Cover page, Section header, etc." located in the "No information to key" area on the Keying tool's Form select or Change feature.

When the first image appears in your set of images, please reduce the image before you begin to enter data to see if it is obstructed or partially covered. This will save unnecessary keying and frustration as the obstructed forms do not need to be keyed.

This collection is sponsored by the St. Mary's County Genealogical Society, Inc. & the Fairfax Genealogical Socity.

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Sample images

Petition of Naturalization
Petition for Citizenship (image not available)