World Archives Project: Tips for Completing an Image Set

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Can I quit an image set before completing it?

You can quit an image set at any time and the program will automatically save the information you've input. Once you've finished an image set, remember to submit the image set so that it can move further in the process of being processed.

If you decide that you cannot complete keying an image set, you can cancel it. Click the Select Image Set tab, highlight the image set you wish to cancel, then click the Cancel Image Set button. This will clear out the data that you have typed in and send the image set back for someone else to work on.

Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to cancel an image set.

How do I turn off the auto-complete feature?

In order to turn off the autocomplete feature, select file-> options. And uncheck the box that says auto complete.

Can I download image sets and complete them offline?

Yes. You need to be online when you download the image sets but you can work on them while you are offline. To submit the completed image sets you will need to be online. Highlight the image sets you would like to submit and then click the "Submit Finished Image Set" button.