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Project-specific sample images and form field help:

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Census Form

Census Form



Capture the State using the dictionary provided for assistance.]]>
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Capture the county using the dictionary provided. ]]>
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The Town name is on the top center of each page under the words "Town." Copy down and key it only when it is a change from the locality listed on the previous page. Use the dictionaries provided to see a list of potential place names within the county you are working on. If the name does not appear in the dictionary then key as seen.]]>
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Capture the year.]]>
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Surname Description]]>
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Given Name

Key the first name or initial and any middle names of the primary person to whom the record pertains using a dictionary if provided for assistance. If a name does not appear in the dictionary then key the name as seen.
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The Age refers to the age of the primary person to whom the record pertains. · If an Age includes years, months, and/or days then key only the years. For example, if an Age appears as 10 years, 7 months then key the Age as 10. · If an Age appears in months only, such as 10 months, then key the Age as a fraction of twelfths – 10/12.· If an Age includes a fraction, such as 3 3/8, key only the whole number – 3.]]>
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Key the Sex or Gender into the Gender field from the column labled Sex or Gender.]]>
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