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We've made a few updates to the Dashboard!

1. The addition of the Featured Projects listing.

2. The difficulty ratings will show as an image, one bar for Easy, two for Average and three for Advanced. When you scroll over the project you will see the text version of the rating. In addition when you scroll over a project the whole row is now clickable.

3. The My Projects, All Active and Completed projects listings are collapsed. You can expand these lists by clicking on the white arrows to the right of the titles - this will enable you to see the full list.

4. The My Stats area has seen quite a few changes. The main change you will notice is that the accuracy percentage has changed to a static accuracy bar. There are four accuracy levels that will reflect your accuracy. If you have not keyed for a while you will not see an accuracy rating.
Exceptional.png Excellent.png Goodjob.png Needsimprovement.png

5. The Download link has a more prominent location on the page.