World Archives Project: Les Cartes Postales de la France(France Historical Postcards)

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About this project This project is a collection of historic postcards from all over France. The difficulty rating of the project is easy because the captions are typewritten and the postcards are fairly standard.

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Project-specific sample images and form field help:

Choose a sample image from below to see the corresponding form field examples.
Carte postale

Postcard (Carte postale)

AWAP 31084 - Postcard.jpg

Card Side

Determine if the displayed image is the Front or the Back of the postcard. The Front side of the card will normally display a picture whereas the Back side of the card will be where one would write a note and/or an address. Key Front into this field if the image is determined to be so, or key Back if the image is determined to be so.

Card Back


Key the caption from the Front side of the postcard.

Postcard-DoNotKey Studio.jpg
  • If there is text above and below the picture, enter both captions and separate them with a semicolon. Also use a semicolon to separate multiple phrases of text where appropriate.
    • Do not use a semicolon in the middle of a sentence that simply wraps on to the next line.
  • If the caption is preceded by a number, please ignore the number.
  • Omit Strings such as "Carte Postale," translations of "this side for address", and the name of the artist and photography studio.
  • Do not key correspondence.
  • If the image is of the Back side of the postcard capture the first 2-3 lines of the caption. The lines are usually centered and appear above the descriptive paragraph. The first line is usually in capital letters, followed by another line in italics, which includes the location information.
    • Key the entire string in to only one field.
    • If a caption must be abbreviated, it is preferable to do so at sentence boundaries rather than at the end of a line.
  • In the rare case that there is no distinguishable main caption, enter the entire caption.
  • Key all diacritics which appear in the captions.
  • Use normal capitalization rules regardless of the capitalization in the postcard.
  • If there is no French version, enter the English version of the caption. If neither of those two languages can be found on the card, use the language in the caption you find.
  • If there is a French version AND an English translation, enter ONLY the French version.