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The review process has been added - this affects arbitrators as they will now see projects in both the review and arbitration processes.
Implementing this change has brought many changes to the keying tool. For instructions on how to go through the Review process click here.

Click here to read the blog article about this change.

Feedback Survey

Although the feedback survey will only be seen in the keying tool by Reviewers it will have an overall impact. In the near future the results will be posted to each project page so you can see the trouble areas for that project.

Moving Rows

In both keying and review you will now be able to move data entry rows up and down.

  • Click on the row you want to move and use the icons to move the row to where it needs to be.

    Updated Help

    The in tool help, F1, has been updated. It has new styling and more importantly it is current, including Review instructions.