World Archives Project: How do I improve my accuracy?

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There are a few steps you can take to improve your accuracy rate as you key records for the World Archives Project. This article will outline how your accuracy rate is determined, a few things you can do to improve your accuracy, and offer links to additional help resources.

How Accuracy is Calculated

Your accuracy rate is based on the percentage of correctly keyed fields you have indexed. The percentage reflects only the image sets that have been reviewed.

If you have no accuracy rating (you have keyed but the image sets have not been reviewed) there is a bug that impacts some individuals and it your accuracy rating is reflected as Needs Improvement.

Tips to Improving Accuracy

  • Review the project page

One of the best things you can do to improve accuracy, is to read the project page. The project page is accessible by clicking on the project name from the dashboard. Reviewing the project page before you start, can help you become familiar with the form types and the fields you may encounter as you key records.

  • Read the field helps

Field helps are a valuable resource to accurate keying. You'll notice the field help in the lower right corner of the keying tool. Field help offers specific tips and help for the field you are currently keying.

  • Read the knowledge base articles for the project

The World Archives Project knowledge base may contain additional details about the project and can help you become familiar with the project guidelines.

  • Ask the support team

In the event that your questions cannot be answered in the help resources, send them to the support team,

Additional Help Resources

Use the following links for additional help as you key the records.
Keying Standards
Tips for Reading Old Handwriting
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