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==Sample images==
==Sample images==
[http://c.mfcreative.com/i/akt/projecthelp/30893/Register.jpg Register]
[http://c.mfcreative.com/i/akt/projecthelp/30893/Register.jpg Register]<br>
[http://c.mfcreative.com/i/akt/projecthelp/30893/BookCover.jpg Book Cover]
[http://c.mfcreative.com/i/akt/projecthelp/30893/BookCover.jpg Book Cover]<br>
[http://c.mfcreative.com/i/akt/projecthelp/30893/TitlePage.jpg Title Page]
[http://c.mfcreative.com/i/akt/projecthelp/30893/TitlePage.jpg Title Page]

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About this project The Registers of Voters in Fife, Scotland are legible registers containing both typed and handwritten pages spanning the years 1831 to 1894. Only three fields will be keyed: Residence, Year, and Name. Because of the legibility and few fields to be keyed the project difficulty is easy.

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Sample images

Book Cover
Title Page