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(Week 3)
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'''Keyer:''' Kris C, USA <br>
'''Keyer:''' Kris C, USA <br>
'''Reviewer:''' Ann C, USA <br>
'''Reviewer:''' Ann C, USA <br>
==Week 5==
'''Top Keyers'''<br>
Gregory B, USA<br>
Pearl W, UK<br>
Sammie C, USA<br>
'''Top Reviewers'''<br>
Karen T, UK<br>
Kim B, USA<br>
Joan D, CAN<br>

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And the winners are...

Week 1

Isle of Wight, England, Non-Conformist Registers, 1832-1937
Keyer: Evelyn P, US
Reviewer: Kate R, UK

West Yorkshire, England, Quarter Session Orders, 1637-1914
Keyer: Alison M, Australia
Reviewer: Viv P, UK

West Yorkshire, England, Alehouse Licences, 1771-1962
Keyer: Victoria S, UK
Reviewer: Joan A, UK

Week 2

Mainz, Germany, Emigration Register, 1856-1877
Keyer: Elisabeth P, UK

USHMM – Poland, Lòdz Ghetto Register Books, 1939-1944 (Part 1)
Reviewer: Patricia L, USA

USHMM – Krakow, Poland, Applications for ID Cards for Jews during World War II (Part 5)
Reviewer: Jon W, USA

Challenge of the Day, Wednesday
Elisabeth P was the top keyer, following in 2nd place was Loretta G, USA

Challenge of the Day, Saturday
Patricia L was the top reviewer with Tammy S, USA in second place

Week 3

Cartes électorales de Paris et ses environs et d’autres villes françaises, 1900-1932 (France Electoral Cards)
Keyer: Jane F, USA
Reviewer: Glenys P, USA

Lübeck, Germany, Citizenship Register, 1591-1919
Keyer: ET, UK
Reviewer: Lore S, USA

Week 4

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, The Ottawa Journal, 1885-1980
Keyer: Jeanne D, USA
Reviewer: Janet M, USA

Kansas, City and County Census, 1919-1978
Keyer: Gina B, USA
Reviewer: Marcelle R, USA

U.S., Military Registers, Army (Part 1)
Keyer: Kris C, USA
Reviewer: Ann C, USA

Week 5

Top Keyers
Gregory B, USA
Pearl W, UK
Sammie C, USA

Top Reviewers
Karen T, UK
Kim B, USA
Joan D, CAN