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About this project Compiled in England during a period from the 1880s to 1965 by a number of Chancery Agents, this is an index of thousands of small cards containing information on individuals, from next of kin advertisements, will notices, unclaimed estates, and missing persons listings taken from all national and several overseas newspapers and many other sources including The London Gazette, notices under the Colonial Probate Act of 1892 and deaths abroad, as well as other official sources including obituaries.

Many of the sources are now extinct. Mostly, the original newspaper cutting has been pasted on the card and this is often annotated either with references from recorded wills or with information gathered from Civil Registration and other reliable sources. The exact dates covered by each source are, as yet, uncertain, but most dates of death are usually in the 20th century referring back to individuals born in the 18th and 19th centuries. The latest date of death found has been 1970. This collection doesn't have a consistent amount of data, so we aren't going to capture it all, just the things we find most frequently. Just fill in the fields you can find information for on the image and don't feel bad about skipping them if there is no information on the image.

These are generally not difficult to read, but they require some thought as to which fields to fill in and which to leave blank, so this progect has an Average difficulty.

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