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If you have downloaded an image set and do not wish to complete it you can cancel it by following the steps below. Please note that any work you have done on the image will 'not' be preserved.

Make sure you are on the Select Image Set page. If you have an image set open click on File and then Close Image Set or click on the Select Image Set tab.

1. Highlight the image set you want to cancel.

2. Click on the Cancel Image Set button.

3. Complete the pop-up message and click OK.
  • If the image set is too hard, you do not have time, or you just don't want to complete the image set choose the "I do not wish to finish the image set at this time" option.

  • If there is something wrong with the image, for example, it's a mirror image, choose the "The image set has problems that prevent completion" and enter a brief description of what is wrong with the image.

Cancellation reasons

When to check "I don't want to finish"

  • When you don't have enough time
  • Too hard
  • Wrong language
  • Can't read handwriting (there's nothing that can be done about it)
  • Accidentally downloaded the wrong project
  • You just don't want to finish it.

When to put an explanation of the problem

  • When the image set cannot be opened
  • When there are error messages (ie a crash)
  • Images are missing or corrupted
  • Mirrored images
  • Special instructions about a particular issue.
  • When you are instructed to by support.
  • For sets where it appears that the keyer saw an entirely different image. (for reviewers)
    • Note: there is a provision for rejecting a set that is incomplete or too badly in error to be reviewed. Under the "review" menu, select "reject".
    • If an indexer marked an image as a duplicate, and you cannot verify that, you should either reject the keyer, or continue the review as if the image was not a duplicate.
  • The image is too blurry or faded or damaged to be read. This is a grey area, if you are able to work your way through, you may do so.