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Arbitration and Review

Once images are keyed, they still need to be checked by an experienced contributor. One of two processes will occur, depending on the project.

  • Arbitration: two indexes are compared, and the differences between them resolved.
  • Review: each image is indexed only once, and then checked by a reviewer.

How do I become an arbitrator or reviewer?

Arbitrators and reviewers simply fulfill another step in the process of creating an index. Current eligibility requirements to become an arbitrator/reviewer are that you have keyed a minimum of 2000 records in the past 90 days that have been arbitrated and/or reviewed and have maintained an accuracy rating of exceptional.

You'll just need to practice reading these images before you work on the evaluation step.

How do I download a set to arbitrate or review?

To download a set to arbitrate:
  • Click the Select Image Sets tab
  • Select the Download Image Sets button
    The Available Projects window will appear
  • Select the tab labelled Review projects
  • Choose the image you wish to work on then click Download
  • The set will now appear in the Select an Image Set window. The set type will be either Arbitration or Review. Choose the set you wish to work on, then click Open Image Set for Review.

How do I review?

See the Review Instructions.

How do I arbitrate?

See the Arbitration Instructions.