World Archives Project: As World Memory Project Turns Three, New Goal Is Set

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by Anne Merrill

The World Memory Project celebrated its third anniversary in May. In honor of this milestone, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and have set a new goal for the project: 3 million records indexed by the end of 2014.

"We are very pleased with how much the project has accomplished in its first three years," said project director Neath Guthrie, "and we are grateful to all of the contributors who have indexed nearly 2.5 million records. But our objective is to make as many records searchable to Holocaust survivors and their family members as possible, while the wartime generation is still with us."

The Museum's collection contains millions of pages of documents, each one of which could contain a valuable piece of information for a survivor or victim's loved ones.

We can only reach this goal through your continued support and enthusiasm, which was expressed so well by one contributor who wrote, "I truly enjoy keying the archives from the Holocaust. I so believe that these people deserve a voice and I feel that I am helping to provide that voice, so many years after they have died. It gives me a real sense of fulfillment."

Thank you to all who participated in the daily challenge during the week of the project's third anniversary, and please encourage your friends and neighbors to join us in this important endeavor.