World Archives Project: Arbitration Instructions

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1.Click on an arbitration image set, then either double click or click on the Open Image Set for Arbitration button to open the image set.
2.The image set will be opened to the Match Records tab. View the records entered by each keyer. Compare each set of records to make sure that the number of lines keyed, and number of sections match.

1.If the number of records or sections doesn’t match you can add a line to the Keyer who is missing a record – or remove the line that shouldn’t be there. You can also add or remove sections.

If the data is not matching at all you should reject the image sets. To reject an image set you need to click on the Arbitrate link at the top of the page, then on the Reject Image Set or Ctrl+Alt+R.

2.If the number of records and sections match you can click on the Next:Arbitrate Records button, or the Arbitrate Records tab to go to the next step. (You will notice a Display Options area on the lower right hand side of the page. This number has been preset to select the match percentage that determines which records will be arbitrated. You can change this number but we suggest you use the default threshold percentage.)

3.A pop-up will come up to let you know that you have been taken to a record that needs to be arbitrated, as seen below.

4.You will now see three columns in the lower section of the page, one is Keyer As transcription, one is Keyer Bs transcription and the third is the Arbitration column. In the upper portion of the screen you will see the highlighted record for that needs to be arbitrated – depending on the form positions that the keyer set it will move the highlight to the next record. You may need to find the appropriate record on the image.

5.Compare the transcriptions of each keyer, view the original record and determine what should be entered. If you agree with Keyer A or B click on their results; if you disagree with both Keyers you can enter your own transcription. Once you have done either – and you have information entered in the Arbitration field click enter. Continue through all of the records in the same manner.

On the lower left hand side of the page is an accounting of each record. If a record needs to be arbitrated it will have an exclamation mark next to it and will have an Attention status. Once a record has been arbitrated the record will have an Arbitrated status with a check mark next to it.

6.Once you have completed all of the records on the image that need to be arbitrated you will see the following pop-up.

7.If there are multiple images you will need to click on the Next: Begin Next Image button to move on to the next image.

8.If the keyers have not selected the same form type you will be asked to determine what the proper form type is. If you choose a different form type you may then see a pop-up asking if you are sure that there are records to be keyed on the image, or that you are sure there aren’t records to be keyed, etc. If you click Yes the image sets will be returned to be keyed again.