World Archives Project: Active Contributor Benefits

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What is an active contributor?

Active contributors are participants who index, key and/or arbitrate, 900+ records in a rolling 90 day period.

What are the benefits of being an active contributor?

Yes, there are some great benefits to being an active contributor.
Free access to the images for all of the projects that are keyed in the World Archives Project. A full list of the live databases can be accessed on the Dashboard.

Discount on renewal of your annual Ancestry subscription.
10% off an annual U.S., UK or other country specific membership renewal
15% off an annual World Deluxe membership renewal.

To receive the discount you can email our support team,, or call our Member Services department.
U.S.A. 1-800-262-3787
UK 0800 404 9723
Canada 1-800-958-9073
Australia 1-800-251-838
Germany 0800-1807090
Italy 0-800-870-240