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The World Archives Project gives people everywhere a unique chance to help save the world's historical records — millions that might otherwise be lost. Anyone can participate by accessing record images in our system and entering relevant names, dates and other facts to make the information searchable online.

As part of the World Archives Project:

  1. All indexes will remain free to the public on
  2. will donate copies of record indexes and images from the project to partnering government archives and genealogy societies.

Active contributors have benefits

Who is an active contributor?

Active contributors are participants who contribute, key or review, 900+ records in a rolling 90 day period. If you are an active contributor you will see the active contributor badge on the dashboard.

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While all indexes created through the World Archives Project are available to anyone free of charge on, active contributors have the following benefits:

  • Images associated with the indexes are available to active contributors free of charge on when available.
  • A full list of the live databases can be accessed on the Dashboard.
*NOTE: Not all images will be hosted on Special projects, such as collections from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, will have the indexes available on but the images will be available through the Museum. Instructions on how to access the images on special projects will be given with the indexes.

Active contributors receive a discount on your annual Ancestry subscription

10% off an annual U.S., UK or other country specific membership
15% off an annual World membership.

To receive the discount call our Member Services department when it comes time to renew your subscription. You need to be an active contributor at the time of renewal.

Australia 1-800-251-838
Canada 1-800-958-9073
Germany 0800-1808311
Ireland 1-800-303-664
New Zealand 0-800-440-970
Sweden 020-091-0203
UK 0800 404 9723
U.S.A. 1-800-401-3193
All other countries: Country code for the United States + 801-494-8595 (toll free)

Click here to see a list of all of the Ancestry support numbers and hours.