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This entry was originally written by Johni Cerny and Gareth L. Mark for Red Book: American State, County, and Town Sources.

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Most pre-1900 county records have been microfilmed and can be searched at the Library of Virginia and the FHL, although the dates covered by the two collections vary. A list of records available for each county at the Library of Virginia appears at The holdings of the FHL can be searched at Most original records remain in the county and independent city courthouses.

Research in the Library of Virginia county collection can be done at a local library as well. The library participates in the American Library Association Interlibrary Loan program and will loan up to five reels of their extensive collection for a period of twenty-eight days. Obtain the microfilm reel number from the Library of Virginia online catalog and ask your local librarian to place the ILL request.

Virginia is the only state with independent cities; they are independent of the county or counties in which they are located geographically. Researchers should treat them as they would a county when constructing a research plan. A list of records for sixteen independent cities is available at the Library of Virginia and can be viewed at Since population determines independent city status in Virginia, twenty-five towns did not incorporate until after 1904. See Lyndon H. Hart III and J. Christian Kolbe, comps., A Preliminary Guide to Pre-1904 Municipal Records in the Archives Branch, Virginia State Library and Archives (Richmond, Va.: Virginia State Library, 1983). Many Virginia counties have been absorbed by independent cities. To the extent possible, the records of the county are detailed separately from those of an independent city.

Some counties in Virginia have experienced devastating loss of early records, especially during the Civil War. Researching ancestors from “Burned Record Counties” requires willingness to probe deeply for the few scraps of information that might have survived. The Library of Virginia has a Burned Record Counties Database with entries from records mentioning people from a burned county. The Library photocopied these and filed them to form the Burned Records County Collection, which can be accessed through the library’s manuscript room. See VA—Notes: Burned County Records at for details about burned county records and a link to the database. Counties with severe record loss include Appomattox, Buchanan, Buckingham, Dinwiddie, Elizabeth City, Gloucester, Hanover, Henrico, James City, King and Queen, Nansemond, New Kent, Prince George, and Warwick. As previously lost records are discovered and new information surfaces from the counties and independent cities, the beginning dates of record categories on the following pages may change.

Map County County Address Date Formed Parent County(ies) Birth Marriage Death Land Probate Court
Records transferred.
A5AccomackP.O. Box 388 Accomack 23301-03881663Northampton185417741853166316951663
Temporarily abolished, 1670, restored 1673.
F4Albemarle401 McIntire Rd. Charlottesville 22901-45791744Goochland (part of Louisa added, 1761)185317801853174417441744
AlexandriaP.O. Box 178 Alexandria 22313-01781789 (renamed Arlington, 1920) Fairfax185318011853166917781772
Transferred to District of Columbia, 1801; returned to Virginia, 1846.
C5Alleghany9213 Winterberry Ave., Ste. C Covington 24426-62391822Bath/Botetourt/Monroe——1822——182218221822
G6AmeliaCourthouse P.O. Box A Amelia 23002-00661735Prince George/Brunswick185317351853173417341734
Records fragmented.
E5AmherstP.O. Box 390 Amherst 24521-03901761Albemarle——1763——176117611761
E6AppomattoxP.O. Box 863 Appomattox 24522-08631845Buckingham/Campbell/Prince Edward/Charlotte——1892——189218921892
Record loss, 1892.
H2Arlington2100 Clarendon Blvd. Arlington 22201-54451789 (as Alexandria; renamed 1920)Alexandria185318011853166917781772
Pre-1920 records belong to Alexandria and Fairfax Counties and the District of Columbia.
E4AugustaP.O. Box 590 Staunton 24402-05901745Orange185317851853174517451745
Authorized in 1738, but the government was not formed until 1745.
See also Montgomery County.
Barbour1843 (see West Virginia) Harrison/Lewis/Randolph
D4BathP.O. Box 309 Warm Springs 24484-03091791Augusta/Botetourt/Greenbrier185317911853179117911791
D6Bedford122 E. Main St., Ste. 202 Bedford 24523-20001754Lunenberg185317551853175417541754
Berkeley1772 (see West Virginia)Frederick
A6BlandP.O. Box 510 Bland 24315-05101861Giles/Wythe Tazewell186118611861186118611861
Record loss, 1885.
Boone1847 (see West Virginia)Kanawha/Cabell/Logan
C6Botetourt1 W. Main St., Box 1 Fincastle 24090-00001770Augusta185317701853177017701770
Bourbon1786 (see Kentucky)Fayette
Braxton1836 (see West Virginia)Lewis/Kanawha/Nicholas
Brooke1797 (see West Virginia)Ohio
G7BrunswickP.O. Box 399 Lawrenceville 23868-03991732Prince George/Surry/Isle of Wight185317501853173217321732
Authorized in 1720, but the government was not formed until 1732.
C1BuchananP.O. Box 950 Grundy 24614-09501858Tazewell/Russell——1885——188518851880
Record losses, 1885, 1977.
F5BuckinghamP.O. Box 252 Buckingham 23921-02521761Albemarle186917841869176218691868
Record loss, 1869.
Cabell1809 (see West Virginia)Kanawha
Calhoun1856 (see West Virginia)Gilmer
E6CampbellP.O. Box 100 Rustburg 24588-01001782Bedford185317821853178217821782
H4CarolineP.O. Box 447 Bowling Green 22427-04471728Essex/King and Queen/ King William186417871865172817321665
Pre-Civil War records fragmented, pre-1728 records from parent counties.
B7Carroll605-1 N. Main St. Hillsville 243431842Grayson185318421853184218421842
H6Charles CityP.O. Box 128 Charles City 23030-01281634original186517621865165516551650
Pre-Civil War records fragmented.
Charles River1634 (renamed York, 1642/43)original
Renamed York, 1642/43. Records transferred.
E7CharlotteP.O. Box 608 Charlotte 23923-06081765Lunenberg——1765——176517651763
G6ChesterfieldP.O. Box 40 Chesterfield 23832-00401749Henrico——17701855174917401746
F2Clarke102 N. Church St. 2nd Fl. Berryville 22611-11101836Frederick——1836——183618361836
Clay1858 (see West Virginia)Braxton/Nicholas
C6CraigP.O. Box 308 New Castle 24127-03081851Botetourt/Giles/Roanoake/Monroe186418651864185118511851
G3Culpeper302 N. Main St. Culpeper 22701-26221749Orange186417811864174917491749
F6Cumberland1 Courthouse Circle P.O. Box 110 Cumberland 23040-01101749Goochland185317491853174917491749
Records fragmented.
B1DickensonP.O. Box 1098 Clintwood 24228-10981880Russell/Wise/Buchanan188018801880188018801880
G7DinwiddieP.O. Drawer 70 Dinwiddie 23841-00701752Prince George186518501865175517041789
Record loss, 1864. Records fragmented.
Doddridge1845 (see West Virginia)Harrison/Tyler/Ritchie/Lewis
Dunmore1772 (renamed Shenandoah, 1778)Frederick
Records transferred.
Elizabeth City1634original (merged with City of Hampton, 1952)——1865——168416841689
Records fragmented. Records transferred to City of Hampton.
H5EssexP.O. Box 1079 Tappahannock 22560-10791692[Old] Rappahannock185318041853169216921692
Records of Rappahannock County (old) are housed in Essex County.
H3Fairfax1200 Government Center Pkwy Fairfax 22035-00661742Prince William185318531853174217421731
G3Fauquier40 Culpeper St. Warrenton 22186-32061759Prince William185317591853175917591759
Fayette1780 (see Kentucky)Kentucky
Fayette1831 (see West Virginia)Logan/Nicholas/Greenbrier/Kanawha
Fincastle1772 (abolished 1777)Botetourt
Records transferred to Montgomery County.
B7FloydP.O. Box 218 Floyd 24091-02181831Montgomery185318311853183118311831
F5FluvannaP.O. Box 299 Palmyra 22963-02991777Albemarle185317771853177717771777
C7Franklin40 E. Court St. Rocky Mount 24151-13041785/6Bedford/Henry185317851853178617851786
F2Frederick107 North Kent St. Winchester 22601-50391743Orange185317711853174317431743
Authorized in 1738, but the government was not formed until 1743.
B6Giles507 Wenonah Ave. Pearisburg 24134-16331806Tazewell/Monroe/Montgomery185318061853180618061806
Gilmer1845 (see West Virginia)Kanawha/Lewis
J6GloucesterP.O. Box 329 Gloucester 23061-03291651York186318531865173318621820
Record losses, 1821, 1865. Early records fragmented.
G5GoochlandP.O. Box 10 Goochland 23063-00101728Henrico185317301853172817281728
Grant1866 (see West Virginia)Hardy
A8GraysonP.O. Box 217 Independence 24348-02171793Wythe185317931853179317931793
Greenbrier1777 (see West Virginia)Montgomery
F4GreeneP.O. Box 358 Standardsville 22973-03581838Orange185318381853183818381838
Pre-Civil War records fragmented.
G7Greensville1750 Atlantic St. Emporia 23847-65841781Brunswick185317811853178117811781
Some records fragmented.
E7Halifax134 S. Main St. Halifax 24558-32151752Lunenberg185317531853174617521752
Hampshire1754 (see West Virginia)Augusta/Frederick
Hancock1848 (see West Virginia)Brooke
G5HanoverP.O. Box 470 Hanover 23069-04701721New Kent185318631853173317331733
Record loss, 1865. Records fragmented.
Hardy1786 (see West Virginia)Hampshire
Harrison1784 (see West Virginia)Monongalia
H6HenricoP.O. Box 27032 Richmond 23273-70321634original185317811853165016501650
Pre-Revolutionary War records fragmented.
C8HenryP.O. Box 7 Collinsville 24078-00071777Pittsylvania185317771853177717771777
D4HighlandP.O. Box 130 Monterey 24465-01301847Pendleton/Bath185318471853184718471847
Record loss, 1947.
Illinois1778Augusta (ceded to the U.S. and became part of Ohio, 1784)
J7Isle of WightP.O. Box 80 Isle of Wight 23397-00801637Warrosquyoake185317711853163616361746
Records fragmented.
Jackson1831 (see West Virginia)Mason/Wood/Kanawha
J6James CityP.O. Box 8784 Williamsburg 23185-87841634original186518651864185418651865
Record loss, 1865 (Tax Records, 1768—69, preserved).
Jefferson1780 (see Kentucky)Kentucky
Jefferson1801 (see West Virginia)Berkeley
Kanawha1789 (see West Virginia)Greenbrier/Montgomery
Kentucky1777 (abolished 1780)Fincastle
H5King and QueenP.O. Box 177 King and Queen 23085-01771691New Kent186518641865171918641831
Record losses, 1825, 1865. Records fragmented.
H4King George10459 Courthouse Dr. Ste. 200 King George 22485-38661721Richmond187117861871172117211721
Records fragmented.
H5King WilliamP.O. Box 215 King William 23086-25191701/2King and Queen188517861885170117011701
Record loss, 1885. Records fragmented.
J5Lancaster8311 Mary Ball Rd. Lancaster 22503-25191651York/Northumberland185317011853165216511652
A2LeeP.O. Box 367 Jonesville 24263-03671793Russell185318301853179317931808
Lewis1816 (see West Virginia)Harrison
Lincoln1780 (see Kentucky)Kentucky
Lincoln1867 (see West Virginia)Boone/Cabell/Kanawha/Putnam
Logan1824 (see West Virginia)Giles/Cabell/Tazewell/Kanawha
G2Loudoun1 Harrison St. SE Leesburg 20175-31021757Fairfax185317571853175717571757
G5LouisaP.O. Box 160 Louisa 23093-01601742Hanover186417631864174217421742
Lower Norfolk1637New Norfolk (abolished 1691)——————163716461637
Records are housed in the City of Chesapeake.
F7LunenbergCourthouse Square Lunenburg 23952-00001745/6Brunswick185317461853174317461745
Madison1786 (see Kentucky)Lincoln
F4MadisonP.O. Box 705 Madison 22727-07051793Culpeper185317931853179217931793
Marion1842 (see West Virginia)Monongalia/Harrison
Marshall1835 (see West Virginia)Ohio
Mason1789 (see Kentucky)Bourbon
Mason1804 (see West Virginia)Kanawha
K6MathewsP.O. Box 839 Mathews 23109-08391791Gloucester186518271865181717951795
Record loss, 1865. Records fragmented.
McDowell1858 (see West Virginia)Tazewell
F7MecklenburgP.O. Box 307 Boydton 23917-03071764/65Lunenberg185317651853176517641764
Mercer1786 (see Kentucky)Lincoln
Mercer1837 (see West Virginia)Giles/Tazewell
J5MiddlesexP.O. Box 428 Saluda 23149-04281669Lancaster185317401853167316731673
Monongalia1776 (see West Virginia)Augusta
Monroe1799 (see West Virginia)Greenbrier
B6Montgomery755 Roanoke St. Ste. 2E Christiansburg 24073-31781777Fincastle185317731853175017731753
Includes records of Augusta (1750—72) and Fincastle (1772—76).
Morgan1820 (see West Virginia)Berkeley/Hampshire
Nansemond1642/3Upper Norfolk——1866——173418661774
Incorporated as the City of Nansemond, 1972; merged with the City of Suffolk, 1974. Record loss, 1866. Records transferred to the City of Suffolk.
Nelson1785 (see Kentucky)Jefferson
E5NelsonP.O. Box 336 Lovingston 22949-03361808Amherst185318081853180818081808
H6New KentP.O. Box 50 New Kent 23124-00501654York186518501865167418271820
Record losses, 1787, 1865. Records fragmented.
New Norfolk1636 (abolished 1637) Elizabeth City (see Lower Norfolk and Upper Norfolk)
Nicholas1818 (see West Virginia)Greenbrier/Kanawha/Randolph
Norfolk1691Lower Norfolk (merged with the City of Chesapeake, 1963)185317061853169116911723
Records transferred to the City of Chesapeake. Records fragmented. Some records may also be in the City of Portsmouth.
K6NorthamptonP.O. Box 66 Heathsville 22473-00661642/3Accawmack185317061853163216321632
Includes records of Accawmack.
J5NorthumberlandP.O. Box 129 Heathsville 22473-0129about 1645original (formed from Chickacoan Indian District)——1735——165016521650
Although not authorized until 1648, Northumberland was in use by about 1645. Record loss, 1710. Records fragmented. Birth and death records, 1650—1810, are in the St. Stephen’s Parish records.
F6NottowayP.O. Box 92 Nottoway 23955-00921789Amelia——1784——178917891789
Ohio1776 (see West Virginia)Augusta
F4OrangeP.O. Box 111 Orange 22960-08001734Spotsylvania18661747——173417341734
F3Page108 S. Court St. Luray 22835-12251831Rockingham/Shenandoah186518311864183118311831
B8PatrickP.O. Box 466 Stuart 24171-04661791Henry185317911853179117911791
Pendleton1788 (see West Virginia)Augusta/Hardy/Rockingham
D7PittsylvaniaP.O. Box 426 Chatham 24531-04261767Halifax185317671853173717671765
Pleasants1851 (see West Virginia)Wood/Tyler/Ritchie
Pocahontas1821 (see West Virginia)Bath/Pendleton/Randolph
G6Powhatan3834 Old Buckingham Rd. Ste. A Powhatan 23139-70511777Cumberland185317771853177717771777
Preston1818 (see West Virginia)Monongalia
F6Prince EdwardP.O. Box 382 Farmville 23901-03821754Amelia185317541853175417541754
H6Prince GeorgeP.O. Box 68 Prince George 23875-00681702Charles City186518651865171017131714
Pre-Civil War records fragmented.
G3Prince William1 County Court Complex Prince William 22192-92011731Stafford/King George186418591864173117341731
Pre-Civil War records fragmented.
Princess Anne1691Lower Norfolk (merged with the City of Virginia Beach, 1963)185317241853169116911691
Records transferred to the City of Virginia Beach.
B7Pulaski143 3rd St. NW, Ste. 1 Pulaski 24301-49001839Montgomery/Wythe185318391853183918391839
Marriage bonds, 1844­—57, also in Montgomery.
Putnam1848 (see West Virginia)Cabell/Kanawha/Mason
Raleigh1850 (see West Virginia)Fayette
Randolph1787 (see West Virginia)Harrison
Rappahannock (old)1656Lancaster (abolished 1692)——————165616561665
Records transferred to Essex.
F3Rappahannock (present)P.O. Box 519 Washington 22747-05191833Culpeper185318331853183318331833
J5RichmondP.O. Box 1000 Warsaw 22572-10001692[Old] Rappahannock1853185316921692
Ritchie1843 (see West Virginia)Harrison/Lewis/Wood
Roane1856 (see West Virginia)Gilmer/Kanawha/Jackson
C6RoanoakeP.O. Box 29800 Salem 24153-07981838Botetourt185318381853183818381838
D5Rockbridge150 S. Main St. Lexington 24450-23591778Augusta/Botetourt185317781853177817781778
E3RockinghamP.O. Box 1252 Harrisonburg 22803-12521778Augusta186217781862177817781778
Record loss, 1864.
C2RussellP.O. Box 1208 Lebanon 24266-12081786Washington185318531853176818031786
Record loss, 1853.
B2Scott112 Water St., Ste. 1 Gate City 242511814Lee/Russell/Washington185318151853181518151815
E3Shenandoah600 N. Main St., Ste. 102 Woodstock 22644-1855 1778Dunmore185317721853177217721772
Includes records of Dunmore (1772—78).
D2,A7Smyth121 Bagley Cir., Ste. 100 Marion 24354-31401832Wythe/Washington185718321857183218321832
Some records fragmented.
H7SouthamptonP.O. Box 400 Courtland 23837-04001749Isle of Wight185317501853174917491749
G4SpotsylvaniaP.O. Box 99 Spotsylvania 22553-00991721Essex/King and Queen/King William——1795——172017221724
G4StaffordP.O. Box 339 Stafford 22554-03391664Westmoreland185318541853168616641664
Pre-Civil War records fragmented.
J7SurryP.O. Box 65 Surry 23883-00651652James City185317681853164516521645
H7SussexP.O. Box 1397 Sussex 23884-03971754Surry185317541853175417541754
D1,A7Tazewell315 School St. Box 2 Tazewell 24651-13981800Wythe/Russell185318001853180018001800
Taylor1844 (see West Virginia)Harrison/Barbour/Marion
Tucker1856 (see West Virginia)Randolph
Tyler1814 (see West Virginia)Ohio
Upper Norfolk1637New Norfolk
Renamed Nansemond, 1642/43. Records transferred.
Upshur1851 (see West Virginia)Randolph/Lewis/Barbour
F2Warren220 N. Commerce Ave. Ste. 100 Front Royal 22630-44121836Shenandoah/Frederick185318361853183618361836
Warrosquyoake1634 (renamed Isle of Wight, 1637)original
Records transferred.
Warwick1642/3 (as Warwick River;renamed 1642/43)Warwick River——————166216481646
Pre-Civil War records fragmented. Incorporated as City of Warwick, 1952, and merged with the City of Newport News, 1958. Records transferred.
Warwick River1634 (renamed Warwick, 1642/43)original
C2Washington205 Academy Dr. Abingdon 24210-26351777Fincastle185317821853177817771777
Wayne1842 (see West Virginia)Cabell
Webster1860 (see West Virginia)Braxton/Nicholas/Randolph
J4WestmorelandP.O. Box 1000 Montross 22520-10001653Northumberland185817721857165316531653
Wetzel1846 (see West Virginia)Tyler
Wirt1848 (see West Virginia)Jackson/Wood
B2WiseP.O. Box 570 Wise 24293-05701856Lee/Russell/Scott185618561856185618561856
Wood1798 (see West Virginia)Harrison
Woodford1789 (see Kentucky)Fayette
Wyoming1850 (see West Virginia)Logan
A7Wythe345 S. 4th St. Wytheville 24382-25041790Montgomery185317901853179017901790
Yohogania1776 (ceded to Pennsylvania 1786)Augusta
J6YorkP.O. Box 532 Yorktown 23690-05321634 (as Charles River; renamed 1642/43)Charles River185417721853163316331633
Includes records of Charles River.

Virginia City Resources

Map Independent City City Hall Address Established (Parent County/ies) Town Incorporated City Incorporated Birth Marriage Death Land Probate Court
H3Alexandria301 King St., Alexandria 223141749 (Fairfax)17791852——1870——178317861780
First named Hunting Creek, then Belhaven. Declared an independent municipality in 1801.
D6BedfordP.O. Box 807, Bedford 24523-0807(Bedford)18391969
Originally named Liberty; renamed 1890.
C2Bristol497 Cumberland, Bristol 24201-43941850 (Washington)18561890——1890——189018901890
Originally named Goodson; renamed 1890.
D5Buena Vista2039 Sycamore Ave., Buena Vista 24416-31331889 (Rockbridge)18901892——1892——189218921892
F4CharlottesvilleP.O. Box 911, Charlottesville 22902-09111762 (Albemarle)18011888——————1871——1888
K7ChesapeakeP.O. Box 15225, Chesapeake 2332019631963
Created in 1963 by merger of the City of South Norfolk and Norfolk County.
C5Clifton ForgeP.O. Box 631, Clifton Forge 24422-06311861 (Alleghany)18841906——1906——190619061906
Established as Williamson’s Station, renamed 1884.
H6Colonial Heights1507 Blvd., Colonial Heights 23834-30491910 (Chesterfield)19261961——1961——196119611961
C5Covington158 N. Court Ave., Covington 244261818 (Alleghany)18331953
D8DanvilleCity Courthouse, Danville 245431793 (Pittsylvania)1830189018741841——184118571859
G8EmporiaEmporia 238471887 (Greensville)1887, 18921967
H3Fairfax10455 Armstrong St., Fairfax 22030-36271805 (Fairfax)18741961
Originally Providence; renamed 1859.
H2Falls Church300 Park, Falls Church 22046-33951850 (Fairfax)18751948
J8Franklin207 W. 2nd Ave., Franklin 23851-17131830–40 (Southampton)18761961
G4FredericksburgP.O. Box 7447, Fredericksburg 22404-074471728 (Spotsylvania)17821879185317811853178217821782
A8Galax123 N. Main St., Galax 24333-2907(Carroll/Grayson)19061954
Originally named Bonaparte.
K7Hampton22 Lincoln St., Hampton 23669-35221680 (Elizabeth City)1849, 1852, 18871908
Extant from 1610. Consolidated with Elizabeth City County, 1952.
E4HarrisonburgRockingham Courthouse, Harrisonburg 228011780 (Rockingham)18491916186217781862177818031778
H6Hopewell300 N. Main, Hopewell 23860-2740about 1915 (Prince George)——1916——1916——19161916——
Founded as Charles City Point, 1613. Renamed Hopewell about 1913. City Point annexed in 1923.
D5Lexington300 E. Washington St., Lexington 24450-27201778 (Rockbridge)18741965
D6LynchburgP.O. Box 60, Lynchburg 24505-00601786 (Campbell)18051852185318051853180518051787
G3Manassas9311 Lee Ave., Manassas 22110-55551852 (Prince William)18741975——————————1873
G3Manassas Park103 Manassas Dr., Manassas Park 22111-23351955 (Prince William)19571975
Annexed by the City of Richmond, 1910.
C8MartinsvilleP.O. Box 1112, Martinsville 24112-11121791 (Henry)18731928——1942——194219421942
Created from Nansemond County in 1972, it merged with the City of Suffolk in 1974.
J7Newport News2400 Walsh Ave., Newport News 23607-43011880 (Warwick)——1896——————1866——1866
Extant from 1619. Consolidated with the City of Warwick, 1958.
K7Norfolk100 St. Paul Blvd., Ste. 100, Norfolk 23501-27121680 (Norfolk)17361845179217971853178417841761
Some records were destroyed during the Revolutionary War.
B2NortonP.O. Box 618, Norton 24273-0618about 1787 (Wise)18941954
Originally named Prince’s Flats, renamed about 1891.
H6Petersburg7 Courthouse Ave., Petersburg 23803-44591748 (Dinwiddie/Chesterfield/Prince George)17841850185317801853178417841784
Extant by 1645 as Fort Henry; renamed Peter’s Point. Pre-1784 records fragmented.
K7Poquoson830 Poquoson Ave., Poquoson 23704-17331885–88 (York)19521976
K7Portsmouth801 Crawford St., Portsmouth 23704-38221752 (Norfolk)18361858185317821853177617551743
Some pre-1858 records may be of Norfolk County.
B6Radford319 2nd St., Radford 24141-15121885 (Montgomery)18871892——1892——189218921892
Formerly called Lovely Mount, English or Ingle’s Ferry, Central Depot, and Central City; renamed 1890.
H6Richmond900 E. Broad St., Richmond 23219-19071742 (Henrico)17821842185317801853178218101782
C6Roanoake215 Church Ave., S.W., Roanoake 24011-15361852 (Roanoake)1874188418841884——188418841884
Originally named Big Lick. Renamed Roanoake in 1882.
C6SalemP.O. Box 869, Salem 24153-08691806 (Roanoake)18361968
E8South BostonP.O. Box 417, South Boston 24592-04171796 (Halifax)18841960
Originally named Boyd’s Ferry.
South Norfolk(Norfolk)19191921
Merged with Norfolk County, 1963, and renamed the City of Chesapeake. Records transferred.
E4StauntonP.O. Box 58, Staunton 22401-00581761 (Augusta)18011871185418021853180218021796
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