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Van Winkle or VanWinkle

The Van Winkle Family name originated from Winkle, Holland, Netherlands. Van Winkle means "From or Of Winkel." Since the Dutch did not use surnames, they would use their name, followed by their father's name. So, Jacob Walichs (or Wallings), means Jacob son of Walichs. When the Dutch came to America around 1630, they used various last names

Symon Jacobse, third son of Waling Jacobse, was the first to make Van Winkel a surname. Jacob was among the early settlers of New Netherlands. The date is not fixed with any certainty, but the existence of two early maps, and an inventory list of farm animals from the Killean van Rensselaer records, confirms that Jacob arrived prior to 1630. He was known as Jacob Walingen in Holland, and sometimes as Jacob van Hoorn in New Amsterdam. He was Jacob Waelingen in Rensselaerwyck. "Walichs" is found in the early records of Holland and is also the version found in the heraldry book which describes the Shield which is attributed to the family. Walich (Van Winkle) Arms

Some descendants of Pieter Walichs

Descendants of Pieter Walichs Generation No. 1 1. PIETER1 WALICHS Child of PIETER WALICHS is: 2. i. JAN PIETER2 WALICHS. Generation No. 2 2. JAN PIETER2 WALICHS (PIETER1) Child of JAN PIETER WALICHS is: 3. i. PIETER JAN3 WALICHS. Generation No. 3 3. PIETER JAN3 WALICHS (JAN PIETER2, PIETER1) Children of PIETER JAN WALICHS are: 4. i. JACOB4 WALICHS. 5. ii. DIRCK WALICHS. Generation No. 4 4. JACOB4 WALICHS (PIETER JAN3, JAN PIETER2, PIETER1) He married TRYN WILLEMS. Children of JACOB WALICHS and TRYN WILLEMS are: i. PIETER5 WALICHS. ii. CLAES WALICHS. 6. iii. JACOB WALICHS, b. 1598, Winkle, North Holland; d. 1657, Pavonia, Camden, NJ. 5. DIRCK4 WALICHS (PIETER JAN3, JAN PIETER2, PIETER1) He married LYSBET. Children of DIRCK WALICHS and LYSBET are: i. WALICH D.5 WALICHS. ii. JAN D. WALICHS. iii. DIRCK D. WALICHS. iv. MARITJE D. WALICHS. Generation No. 5 6. JACOB5 WALICHS (JACOB4, PIETER JAN3, JAN PIETER2, PIETER1) was born 1598 in Winkle, North Holland, and died 1657 in Pavonia, Camden, NJ. He married TRINTJE JACOBS Abt. 1642. She was born Abt. 1620, and died Abt. 1676 in New York.

Children of JACOB WALICHS and TRINTJE JACOBS are: i. MARRITJE JACOBSE6 WALICHS, d. Bef. Dec 20, 1702; m. (1) PIETER JANSEN SLOT, Feb 2, 1663, Hackensack, Bergen, NJ; m. (2) DAVID DEMAREST, Mar 23, 1692. ii. GRIETJE WALICHS, m. ELIAS MICHELSE VREELAND, Aug 30, 1665, Jersey City, Bergen, NJ. iii. WALING JACOBSE WALICHS, b. Abt. 1647; d. 1725, Wallingen, Bergen, NY; m. CATHARYNA MICHELSE TADES, Mar 15, 1671, Jersey City, Bergen, NJ. iv. JACOB JACOBSE WALICHS, b. Abt. 1650, Albany, Albany, NY; d. Nov 20, 1724, Bergen County, NJ; m. (1) AELTJE DANIELS, Dec 15, 1675, Hackensack, Bergen, NJ; d. Jun 2, 1692, Bergen County; m. (2) GRIETJE HENDRICK HELLINGH, Mar 26, 1695; d. Aug 20, 1732, Bergen County. v. SYMON JACOBSE VAN WINKLE, b. Jul 24, 1653, Pavonia, Camden, NJ; d. 1732. vi. ANNETJE JACOBSE WALICHS, b. Jan 2, 1655; m. JOHANNIS STEYNMETS, Nov 30, 1676, New Jersey; b. New York.

Generation No. 6 7. SYMON JACOBSE6 VAN WINKLE (JACOB5 WALICHS, JACOB4, PIETER JAN3, JAN PIETER2, PIETER1) was born Jul 24, 1653 in Pavonia, Camden, NJ, and died 1732. He married ANNETJE ARIANSE SIP Dec 15, 1675 in Pavonia, daughter of ADRIAN SIP and GEERTRUJE BREEDA. She was born Feb 18, 1657 in Passaic, Passaic, NJ, and died Jun 19, 1722. Children of SYMON VAN WINKLE and ANNETJE SIP are: i. MARGRIETJE SIMESE7 VAN WINKLE, b. Nov 4, 1676, Acquackanonck, Essex, NJ; m. (1) MARTIN WINNE, Oct 30, 1697, Hackensack, Bergen, NJ; b. 1675, Albany, Albany, NY; d. Jul 8, 1737, Bergen County, NJ; m. (2) CORNELIUS BREYANDT, Dec 7, 1700, Hackensack. 8. ii. JACOB SYMONSE VAN WINKLE, b. Aug 9, 1678, Acquackanonck, Essex, NJ. iii. JOHANNES SIMESE VAN WINKLE, b. Aug 18, 1682, Acquackanonck, Essex, NJ; d. Jun 1759; m. (1) ANTIE SANDERSE, Oct 14, 1704, Hackensack Bergen County, NJ; m. (2) MAGDALENA JANSE SPIER, 1706, Acquackanonck, Essex, NJ; b. 1687.

iv. GIDEON VAN WINKLE, b. 1684, Acquackanonck, Essex, NJ; d. Aft. Nov 8, 1764; m. JANNETJE COEYMANS, Mar 13, 1708, Hackensack Bergen, NJ; b. Albany, Albany, NY. v. SIMEON VAN WINKLE, b. Aug 6, 1686, Acquackanonck, Essex, NJ; d. Jul 18, 1775; m. (1) PRYNTYE VAN GIESEN; b. Sep 19, 1696; m. (2) ANTJE PIETERSEN PIETRINA, Mar 3, 1734, Aquaannona, Essex, NJ; b. Sep 19, 1676. vi. TRINTJE SIMESE VAN WINKLE, b. Feb 7, 1687, Acquackanonck, Essex, NJ; m. ISAAC ENOSE VREELAND, Mar 23, 1706, Hackensack, Bergen, NJ. vii. ARIE SIMESE VAN WINKLE, b. 1690, Acquackanonck, Essex, NJ; d. 1752; m. ANNETJE TADES MICHELSE, Oct 27, 1705, Hackensack, Bergen, NJ. viii. RACHEL SYMESE VAN WINKLE, b. Oct 1690, Acquackanonck, Essex, NJ; d. Abt. 1752; m. JOHANNIS COEYMANS, Mar 6, 1708, Hackensack, Bergen, NJ; b. Albany, Albany, NY. ix. AELTJE SIEMENSE VAN WINKLE, b. 1692, Passaic, Passaic, NJ; m. JURIAEN TOMESE VAN RIPEN, Jun 12, 1714, Hackensack; b. Jun 12, 1693, Hackensack, Bergen, NJ. x. MARINUS SIMONESE VAN WINKLE, b. 1694, Acquackanonck, Essex, NJ; d. 1767; m. GEESJE HENDRICKSE VAN WAGENEN, Sep 2, 1721, Hackensack Bergen, NJ. xi. LEAH VAN WINKLE, b. 1696, Acquackanonck, Essex, NJ; m. ISAAC TOMASSE VAN RIPEN, Aug 4, 1722, Hackensack, Bergen, NJ. xii. ABRAHAM VAN WINKLE, b. 1698, Acquackanonck, Essex, NJ; d. Apr 11, 1743, Essex County, NJ; m. MARITJE VAN DYKE, Nov 2, 1732; b. Second River, Essex, NJ. Generation No. 7 8. JACOB SYMONSE7 VAN WINKLE (SYMON JACOBSE6, JACOB5 WALICHS, JACOB4, PIETER JAN3, JAN PIETER2, PIETER1) was born Aug 9, 1678 in Acquackanonck, Essex, NJ. He married (1) JACOMYNTJE MATTHEUSE NIEUKERCK Apr 21, 1701 in Passaic, Passaic, NJ, daughter of MATTEUSE NIEUKERCK and ANNA LUBY. She was born 1678. He married (2) CATHARINA BECKLING Nov 24, 1734 in Passaic.

Children of JACOB VAN WINKLE and JACOMYNTJE NIEUKERCK are: i. WALING8 VAN WINKLE. 9. ii. SIMEON VAN WINKLE, b. 1703; d. 1782. iii. JACOB VAN WINKLE, b. 1706. Generation No. 8 9. SIMEON8 VAN WINKLE (JACOB SYMONSE7, SYMON JACOBSE6, JACOB5 WALICHS, JACOB4, PIETER JAN3, JAN PIETER2, PIETER1) was born 1703, and died 1782. He married GEERTRUYDT VAN DER HOEK May 4, 1727 in Passaic, Passaic, NJ. Children of SIMEON VAN WINKLE and GEERTRUYDT HOEK are: i. CHARITY9 VAN WINKLE, m. ELIAS BEDFORD. ii. SIMEON VAN WINKLE, m. MARY FULSOME, 1770. iii. ANNATJE VAN WINKLE, b. Mar 16, 1729, Belleville, Bergen, NJ; m. FREDERICK K. MILLER, Nov 20, 1753, Hanover, Morris, NJ. iv. SARAH VAN WINKLE, b. Aug 29, 1731, Belleville, Bergen, NJ; m. ABEL COBB, Jun 4, 1750. v. JOHANNIS VAN WINKLE, b. Dec 6, 1733, Belleville, Bergen, NJ; d. Aug 13, 1829, Pennsylvania; m. NAOMI DICKERSON, Feb 21, 1768; b. 1746, Roxbury, Morris, NJ; d. Aug 13, 1829. 10. vi. MICHAEL VAN WINKLE, b. Apr 6, 1736, Belleville, Bergen, NJ; d. May 1808, Lexington, Preble, OH. vii. CATHERINE VAN WINKLE, b. 1739, Pompton Plains, Morris, NJ; m. ICHABOD. viii. MARINUS VAN WINKLE, b. Abt. Jun 1741, Fairfield, Essex, NJ. ix. GEERTRUJDT VAN WINKLE, b. 1747, Fairfield, Essex, NJ. x. ELEANOR VAN WINKLE, b. 1748; m. THOMAS DICKERSON, JR., 1765, Southold, Suffolk, NY; b. Abt. 1748.



10. MICHAEL VAN WINKLE was born Apr 6, 1736 in Belleville, Bergen, NJ, and died May 1808 in Lexington, Preble, OH. He married PHOEBE CARTER Jul 13, 1758 in Morris County, NJ, daughter of NICHOLAS CARTER. She was born Oct 13, 1736, and died Sep 12, 1836.

i. ELIAS10 VAN WINKLE, b. Mar 29, 1759, Morris County, NJ; d. Dec 11, 1847, Gibson, Susquehanna, PA; m. (1) LUCY PRICE, Mar 25, 1783, Staten Island, Richmond, NY; m. (2) HANNAH TUTTLE, Mar 6, 1836, Gibson, PA. ii. JOHN VAN WINKLE, b. May 27, 1762; m. (1) CATHERINE; m. (2) JANE, 1789, Wayne County, VA. iii. SARAH VAN WINKLE, b. Sep 19, 1764; d. Jul 29, 1834; m. STEPHEN STEMMONS, Mar 26, 1790, Lincoln County, KY; b. Oct 31, 1768; d. Jan 23, 1849. iv. ABRAHAM VAN WINKLE, b. Sep 19, 1764; d. 1845, Franklin, Morgan, IL; m. CHARITY SALLEE, Feb 1, 1787, Wilkes County, NC; b. Dec 24, 1769, North Carolina; d. Oct 7, 1850, Franklin. Notes for ABRAHAM VAN WINKLE: He was a sheriff and Justice of the Peace in Wayne County, KY. v. RHODA VAN WINKLE, b. Sep 10, 1766, Wilkes County, NC; m. WILLIAM PARKS, Oct 1, 1788, Wilkes County. vi. SIMEON VAN WINKLE, b. Jun 5, 1768, Essex County, NJ; d. Jun 8, 1831, Twin Valley, Preble, OH; m. SARAH JENKINS, 1793, Wilkes County, NC; b. Aug 8, 1776, Wilkes County; d. Nov 8, 1865, Eaton, Preble, OH. vii. DAVID VAN WINKLE, b. Sep 24, 1770, New Jersey; d. Bef. Mar 23, 1838, Texas; m. (1) VIANNA SALLEE, Jul 5, 1796, Lincoln County, KY; d. Bef. 1803; m. (2) DRUCILLA DOUTHITT, Jan 31, 1803, Jefferson County, KY; d. Abt. 1845, Texas. 11. viii. JESSE VAN WINKLE, b. Oct 4, 1772. m. MARY ANN BRADEN ix. ELIZABETH VAN WINKLE, b. Sep 26, 1774; m. BENJAMIN ATHERTON, Dec 17, 1794, Nelson County, KY. x. JOB VAN WINKLE, b. Sep 23, 1776; d. Aug 30, 1851, St. Clair County, IL; m. (1) ELIZABETH ABERNATHY, Mar 27, 1804, Jefferson County, KY; b. Kentucky; m. (2) MARIAM HUNTER, Apr 7, 1831, Carlyle, Clinton, IL; b. North Carolina. xi. DANIEL VAN WINKLE, b. Sep 21, 1781; d. Abt. 1836; m. LAVINIA RAPE, Apr 17, 1808, Preble County, OH; b. Virginia; d. Abt. 1855. Generation No. 10


Children of JESSE VAN WINKLE and MARY BRADEN are: i. JAMES BRADEN VAN WINKLE, b. South Carolina; d. Jun 25, 1862, Chesterville, Pontotoc, MS; m. JULIA ANN CARTER, Feb 10, 1848, Banner, Calhoun, MS; b. Oct 19, 1824, South Carolina; d. Jun 10, 1907, Providence, Covington. ii. BETSY VAN WINKLE, d. 1793. iii. REBECCA VAN WINKLE, b. South Carolina; d. 1904, Peoria, Hill, TX. Notes for REBECCA VAN WINKLE: She lived with her brother David in Mississippi and Texas until her death. iv. POLLY ANN VAN WINKLE, m. JOHN DAY. v. SARAH VAN WINKLE, m. THOMAS GARRET, Apr 22, 1833, Hall County, GA. vi. J. A. VAN WINKLE, m. ALICE C.. vii. ELIZABETH VAN WINKLE, b. 1793, South Carolina; d. Dec 12, 1890; m. ORTNEY E. HENDERSON, Jan 5, 1831, Hall County, GA; b. 1803, South Carolina; d. Oct 12, 1868, Bartow County, GA. viii. WILLIAM BRAEDEN VAN WINKLE, b. Bef. 1804; m. JANE CANNON. ix. THOMAS BENTON VAN WINKLE, b. Jan. 16, 1805, South Carolina; d. Nov. 22, 1882,Coryelle, Texas m. Elizabeth W. Smart X. DAVID LAWSON VAN WINKLE, b. Dec 26, 1821, Chester, Chester, SC; d. May 12, 1909, Peoria, Hill, TX; m. DORCAS ANN INMAN, 1847, Mississippi; b. Tennessee; d. Apr 1, 1893, Peoria. Notes for DAVID LAWSON VAN WINKLE: Family lore says that David was forced to leave Mississippi in the late 1850s for knifing a man. x. JESSE CARTER VAN WINKLE, b. 1822, South Carolina; m. JEMIMA CAROLINE; b. 1828, South Carolina.


Notes for JACOB WALICHS: The use of "van Winckel" as a family name is attributed to Symon Jacobse, third son of Waling Jacobse, although some historians feel that the name was not used until the fourth generation. The name commonly means "van" as meaning "of" and Winkel as the town of Winkel in North Holland. This meaning takes on further significance when applied to the early years in New Amsterdam and Renssalaerwyck (named for Killean van Rensselaer) where Jacob and his brother Symon were sometimes referred to as "van Hoorn" from Hoorn, the city where they resided while in Holland in 1633 and not far from the village of Winkel. Jacob was among the early settlers of New Netherlands. The date is not fixed with any certainty, but the existence of two early maps, and an inventory list of farm animals from the Killean van Rensselaer records, confirms that Jacob arrived prior to 1630. He was known as Jacob Walingen in Holland, and sometimes as Jacob van Hoorn in New Amsterdam. He was Jacob Waelingen in Rensselaerwyck. "Walichs" is found in the early records of Holland and is also the version found in the heraldry book which describes the Shield which is attributed to the family. Walich (Van Winkle) Arms Crest and Ermine Coat - Granted 1256 A rampant lion wearing a gold crown on his head, seven arrows in his left paw and a saber in his right paw which is raised above his head. He is resting on a wreath of three read and four gold twists. Shield - Granted 1840 "D'or au gu., ace., de trois feulles de houx de sin., les tiges en bas." Of gold, a chevron of red, three leaves of holly with stems downward.

Motto - "Zoo De Man, Zoo Zyn Daad" -- As the man, so his deeds The 1913 Van Winkle Genealogy gives the following: "The coat of arms of Pier Walichs appears on a Document dated July 8, 1455, the original copy being on file in the manuscript division of the 'Konenklijke Bibliotheek' at the Hague, a copy being in the Raabhuis at Winkel." This account appears in the papers of Edward Van Winkle, an author, and a recording secretary of the Holland Society in the early 1900s: "William H. Count of Holland fell in battle against the West Freisians near Heogwens about six miles south of the village of Winkel. William's son Floris eventually subdued the West Freisians. A Walich served under William II and Floris and received the Crest, Cape and Arms for his service.

Notes for TRINTJE JACOBS: Tryntje is the Dutch diminutive for Catherine and was variously written in early records as Trintje, Treyntje, Trenica, Trintia, and Katherin. Tryntje's surname is uncertain. She may have, according to Dutch custom, retained her father's name of Jacob. But it is also possible that she had so identified herself with her first husband that she was referred to as "Tryntje, Jacob's wife" just as she was often known as "Tryntje Walings" - "Walings' Wife." Notes for MARRITJE JACOBSE WALICHS: Her death is assumed based on David's remarriage on Dec 20, 1702.

Notes for WALING JACOBSE WALICHS: He was nominated for the office of Scheppen (sheriff) of Bergen County on Aug 15, 1674. He was elected a member of the New Jersey General Assembly in 1692 and 1693 and represented Acquackanonck. He was one of the original partners of the Acquackanonck Patent. Catharyna was his step-sister by his mother Trintje's third marriage.

Notes for JACOB JACOBSE WALICHS: He was a member of the New Jersey General Assembly.

Notes for ANNETJE JACOBSE WALICHS: Johannis was Annetje's step-brother by her mother's fourth marriage. Generation No. 6

Notes for SYMON JACOBSE VAN WINKLE: He was one of the original partners of the Acquackanonck Patent. Notes for JOHANNES SIMONSE VAN WINKLE: His Will directed the sale of his goods within three days of his death. The Will lists children who did not appear in the 1913 Van Winkle Genealogy: Jacob, Hannah and Magdalen and a grandson Tunis by his son Abraham, who was listed as not married in the early book.

Notes for MAGDALENA JANSE SPIER: The Tuers Genealogy lists Antje as Johannes' first husband; she was not listed in the 1913 Van Winkle Genealogy. Magdalena was married 1st to Thomas L. Toers. The history of Hudson County, NJ, lists only the 2nd marriage. Both sources accurately list Johannes' parents for identification.

Notes for SIMEON VAN WINKLE: Was a soldier in the New Jersey militia during the Revolutionary War Notes for SIMEON VAN WINKLE: He was bondsman for Davids wedding to Vianna in Kentucky.

Notes for MICHAEL VAN WINKLE: A soldier in the New Jersey Militia during the Revolutionary War. He was a Private in Capt Gardner's Company, October 1757 to Jul 20, 1758. After the Revolution he moved South and West, staying for short periods in North and South Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky and finally settling in Ohio. This is based on births and marriages of his children, their settlement and land records. Michael and Phoebe traveled the route known as the Fall Line Road that began in Philadelphia and followed the eastern slope of the Appalachians through Virginia and the Carolinas into Georgia and ending at Jackson, MS. They are presumed to have traveled the Fall Line Road as far as Wilkes County, GA, before moving to Kentucky and Ohio. He is buried at the Sugar Grove Cemetery in Preamble, Ohio. His grave is reportedly lost to floods. His wife Phebe and his son area also buried there.
Question: The Revolutionary War was fought between 1775 - 1783. Is there a typo above in the years quoted for Michael's Revolutionary War Service?

Notes for JESSE VAN WINKLE: Jesse and Mary Ann Braden lived in Chester District, SC where several land transactions are recorded; some included son William. Several of Jesse's children continued the southern movement through Georgia into Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas and Texas; the only Van Winkle family to have taken this route. Jesse left South Carolina about 1826; he is found in Hall County, GA in 1830 living near several of his children. At this point his movement becomes unclear. He may have moved to Jackson County, AL where a Jesse, presently unconnected to earlier generations, but who was the progenitor of a present-day branch of the family in Texas, had land in the late 1820s. This latter Jesse is on the AL 1830 census but may be another individual since family make-up on the Georgia and Alabama census lists are different and which, if the unexplained indicate two Jesse's. A second marriage for Jesse could explain the differences in the census readings if the census dates were far enough apart to permit travel time from Hall County, GA to Jackson County, AL. He is probably the Jesse listed in the Georgia 1840 Hall County census based on daughter Elizabeth's residence there. David Lawson's obituary sketch says he lived in Georgia for several years with his parents before they moved to Mississippi. A Jesse appears on Georgia 1830, Merriwether County; this is probably the same individual as 1840 since they left South Carolina in the late 1820s.

Notes for JAMES BRADEN VAN WINKLE: He served with the Confederate Army as a Corporal with Company D, 31st Mississippi Infantry; enlisting Mar 7, 1862 at Sarepta, MS; he died in Chesterville, MS, of typhoid fever, he is most likely buried in the Confederate graveyard at Chesterfield, MS that is marked for 60 unknown. Family history says he fought at the Battle of Shiloh, Apr 6-7, 1862. The extracted military records do not list his combat service.

Notes for Thomas BENTON VAN WINKLE Fact Some family histories indicate POB as North Carolina. Burial: NOV 1882 Browns Creek Cemetery-When the U.S. Government bought the land for Camp Hood (now Ft. Hood) in 1942 they removed the remains from the cemeteries in the impact area. Thomas Benton's remains were moved the Restland Cemetery-Gatesville, Coryell County, Texas. Thomas Benton recorded a Patent on 40 acres of land in Morgan County, Indiana in June, 1834 and sold this 40 acres in September 1834 for $8.50. Thomas Benton and Elizabeth White (Smart) Van Winkle and their family came on a 16 wagon train from Missouri to Williamson County, Texas in December 1851. Sometime shortly after they bought the R. Pilley survey. They sold this place in 1859 to Mr. Hughes. All records of this sale were destroyed when the Court House burned. In 1868 Thomas filed on a 160 acre homestead on Big Lucy Creek next to his daughter Deida Hatley Parker. In 1872 it was approved. In 1856 Thomas, his sons, James & Brice Miller, & 132 other citizens of Coryell County petitioned the Governor of Texas to make part of the territory of Coryell County into Lampass County. It was approved in 1861.Thomas and all his sons were farmers and ranchers, running mostly sheep and goats.

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US Census Records Marriage Records Death Records

Additional information on the Van Winkles of Bergen County, New Jersey can be found at this site: The History of the Borough of Wallington, New Jersey [3]
An Ebook is available written by W. Woodford Clayton, which mentions the Van Winkle Family in the section titled : "HISTORY OF BERGEN AND PASSAIC COUNTIES, NEW JERSEY", p.79.[4]