Valuation Registers Perth, Scotland - Hints

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Compiled by Peter Bridle, last updated 26 October 2010 Converted to wikitext by Paul Dietrich


There are (generally) two "pages" per image so ensure both "sides" are keyed, the right hand side as a new section.


  • Key both years as 4 digits


  • If a title such as Earl, Duke, Marquess key as seen. E.g. The Right Hon the Marquess of Breadalbane should be keyed as such and not just Marquess of Breadalbane
  • Do not carry a "full" name onto a second and subsequent section. E.g. If page 1 has The Right Hon the Marquess of Breadalbane as propriator and the following page has Marquess of Breadalbane as propriator, then key Marquess of Breadalbane on second section.
  • Do not key Widow
  • For Misses key Miss (it is a plural of a title) E.g. Misses Jane, Helen and Isabella Brown refers to Miss Jane Brown, Miss Helen Brown and Miss Isabella Brown. In this example, key as three separate lines, not as a single line with all three names included.
  • For Messrs key Mr (it is a plural of a title) with one line for every name following Messrs.

Given Name

  • Do not expand abbreviations. E.g. Key Wm if that is what is written, not William


  • For Mc (shown on the original document as M' (where ' is actually a superscript "c")) and Mac names do not leave a space in the name. E.g. Key McDonald not Mc Donald
  • For Mc and Mac names key as seen. E.g. McDonald is keyed as such, not MacDonald or Macdonald and vice versa


  • Key Bart if present.
  • Do not expand abbreviations for Senior and Junior. Key as seen and F7 where necessary.
  • Key Honours but not Job descriptions. E.g. Do key such as KG or MP (omitting punctuation and with no space) Do not key such as VS (Veterinary Surgeon) or WS (Writer to the Signet).
  • The decision about suffixes such as Of Castle Menzies (as in Sir Robert Menzies of Castle Menzies) and what should be keyed has been received from WAP. DO NOT key anything in the suffix field for such a name.


  • If there is a persons name in any of the fields Occupier , Tenant or Inhabitant/Occupier then key all of them using up to three lines as necessary.
  • If Occupier , Tenant or Inhabitant/Occupier is blank or contains words such as Propriator/Propriatrix then leave tenant field blank (no need to use Ctrl-B).
  • If Occupier, Tenant or Inhabitant/Occupier is blank or contains words such as Propriator/Propriatrix and subsequent lines have tenant name(s), there is no need for a line with tenant field blank. (I.e. key first line with the first tenant name.)


  • If there is an obvious company name (E.g. Caledonian Railway Company) key as Blank (Ctrl-B) if a propriator, omit if a tenant.
  • Do not key the name following per as this is an employee and not wanted.
  • The following examples should have a name(s) keyed (what should be keyed in bold ):
    • Robert Jones & Sons
    • John Smith , Fred Smith and James Smith (sole propriators of Smith Chemical Plant)
    • Clarke & Baker
  • If there is a trustee name present it should be keyed as well as the person for whom they are the trustee. John Jones Junior trustee for the late John Jones Senior should have both names keyed (creating multiple lines). E.g. Miss St Clair S T Trotter , Ballindean and John Torry , Edinburgh under Mr & Mrs Stead 's marriage contract per Messrs Bell & Henderson, solicitor should have the bold names keyed.
  • Unless hyphenated, key all names except the last as given names and the last only as the surname. E.g. John William Henry Davies Smith should have John William Henry Davies as given name, Smith as surname. E.g. John William Henry Davies-Smith should have John William Henry as given name and Davies-Smith as surname.

Multiple Propriators and Tenants

  • Key first line with Propriator 1 and Tenant 1, second line with Propriator 2 and Tenant 2 and so on.
  • When there are more tenants than propriators, key the "extra" tenants with the final propriator.
  • When there are more propriators than tenants, key the "extra" propriators with tenant field empty.