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under his own orders through the subordinate staff in charge of coolies on daily wages or through the agency of contractors. In the days of the Seventies in the Punjaub the contractors were sometimes men who did not realise the meaning of a contract and would sign agreements with only a vague idea of their contents. Many could sign only by making a cross or other mark and were willing to give receipts without any q. Mulberry Shop Bags Mulberry UK uestion or check as to the quantities and amounts noted. NaturaUy some of them became the dupes of others ; and cases were known of a contractor re ceiving final cash payment and endeavouring to get out of the office by a back door to avoid meeting his partner who was waiting outside to demand his legitimate share. When the earthwork contracts of a. Mulberry Bags Outlet Buy cheap mulberry bags canal were given out one contractor might get a length ending opposite a milestone or furlong post and another contractor s length would then begin. LIFE IN A CANAL BUNGALOW. When the work of two contractors whose limits had been marked in this way was being measured up finally it was discovered that during the pre ceding night one of. Mulberry Outlet UK Bags f them had removed the mile stone a hundred feet or so into the part of the other and set it up neatly as if it had always been there. This he did to get that one hundred feet of length which had been dug by the other contractor recorded in his own length intending to move the milestone back after the measure ment. The other however had been too sharp for. buy cheap mulberry bags online cheap Mulberry UK store him and the fraud was found out. One dodge is to pile a few inches of earth on the top of the dummies left for measuring the depth of excavation. If for instance the average depth excavated is two feet the addition of three inches gives an extra one eighth of the total quantity amounting p. Mulberry Store Online bags outlet ossibly to hundreds of rupees in the payment. This added height might even be finished off with a piece of turf the grass on the top being to indicate that it was the original ground leve When the extra earth was scraped away the grass on the real original surface was brought to view and the trick dis covered. Then would follow a shouting match the contractor trying to prove that some one to whom he had given a sub contract had been trying to cheat him and the other throwing the blame on the contractor or some one else ; the whole dispute being may be a piece of acting the two being really in collusion. The contractors and others used to send me presents of baskets of fruit and vegetables. These CANALS. ddlis or dollies as they are called are som