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After presenting their reports on what they had learned over the past year Lao students went back to their hometowns to celebrate the New Year Laos.

A team including Eva Saldaña Buenache HEPA, Joni Chan, Dave Bauer and Robert Gray was with the students to learn more about his life in the village and help students prepare for their second-year projects, and participate in the New Year festivities.

Laos new year means a lot of throwing water and flour to all who pass, so if you are afraid of getting wet are not going to Laos for the new year!

After three weeks of vacation most HEPA students returned to continue his studies for his second year. Unfortunately, due to the harsh conditions of some of the families that not all students can return. We hope you can come back in the future, but for now family concerns take precedence.

Returning students began their comeback with a return match welcom, and are already working on their individual projects for the year. nescafe dolce gusto edg200t