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Heritage dating back 8 Generations to over 223 years to the year 1790 in both my parents ancestry lineage. 

This project is an ongoing project for generations to come. With every generation there is a beginning as well as a past. We start here with the dreams of T. Herbert and Viola King. It was with their union of marriage on December 24, 1953 that is the nucleus of this project.

2013 represent 60 years of their dream. Even though the two of them are not here on earth physically their spirit lives on through the love of their family including their five children, parents and ancestors.  Their family's  past, present and future growth and migration to different places and the documentation of their journeys will keep their dreams alive.

This project just started on April 14, 2013 tracing the heritages of The King Family based on historical and archived records, photos, letters, memories, internet research etc. Now, three days later, we have traced the ancestry of six generations dating back to T. Herbert King's great grandfather born in the year 1843 and his spouse born in the year 1850... Below my parents picture you will see the latest update in my mother's ancestry lineage that is traced back to eight generations to the year 1790 which is 223 years ago to the Caribbean Island of Dominica and Africa. This is ironic because Dominica is both my husband's mother and father's birthplace and family heritage. My husband, Albert Williams was born in England and reared in Dominica. As history would now have it that I being born in Memphis, Tennessee of America have migrated to England to marry my husband and now in 2013 discover my roots went far beyond America back to Dominica and Africa. As my journey of discovery continue, I will keep you updated. ( The picture below is of my parents Mr. and Mrs. T. Herbert and Viola King being married on December 24, 1953 in the State of Mississippi in the United States of America. My father was born in Mississippi and my mother was born in Alabama of the United Staes of America.)

                                                                       188684 10150189550576679 6442550 n.jpg 

A Tribute Update Exploring My Mother's Ancestry Side of Our Family

December 8, 2013 at 11:21am My Family Ancestry Update...

The historical documented records on my mother's side of the family has brought about some amazing discoveries. I will be doing an update shortly on my father's side as well that is just as amazing. The more I research, the more I discover and the prouder I am of all my ancestors.

Below I will share some of my ancestry story from my mother's side of our family...

A male slave born in Dominica (Creole) A female slave born in Africa(Black) A male slave born in Africa (Black) A male Ethiopian born in the USA registered in World War 1 (born to slave parents)

A male slave born abt 1800, was 17 years of age and lived in the Parish of St. Joseph, Dominica , nationality was Creole, lived on the slave owner plantation named Dover Estates, according to the ,Slave Registers of former British Colonial Dependecies Record . He was my 4th great grandfather. A female slave (black) born in Africa married the above male slave from Dominica (Creole). She was my 4th great grandmother. Further ancestry records indicate they had one daughter born in North Carolina, USA and she married a man born in North Carolina, USA. They were my 3rd great grandmother and 3rd great grandfather.

3. According to the United States Federal Census, and other historical records, and family tree records, in 1790 a male slave born in Africa married a female slave born in North Carolina, USA. They were my 4th great grandfather and 4th great grandmother. They both had one son born as a slave in North Carolina, USA abt 1808. This son according to US census records married twice being head of households. They were my 3rd great grandfather and 3rd great grandmothers.His first wife born a slave in North Carolina abt 1816 produced two children both born as slaves in Alabama,USA.

4. According to the United States Federal Census and other records and family trees, the same above male slave born in North Carolina born abt 1808, being my 3rd great grandfather at the age of 72 was married again to a female born in Virginia, USA. This second wife mother and father were born in Virginia, USA. This second marriage produced three daughters with one being a step daughter all being born in Alabama, USA. They were my 2nd great grand aunts. The oldest of the three daughters later married and produced eight children. They were my 1st cousin 3X removed. One of the 1st cousins according to United States Census records, World War 1 Draft Registration Card Records and U. S. Headstone Military Veterans, is listed with race being Ethiopian. Also, according to Tennessee Death Records this 1st cousin 3X removed died in the same Veteran's Hospital my grandfather on my dad's side of the family died in that I grew up knowing and I later worked in that same hospital and was myself born in the same Shelby County in Memphis, Tennessee, USA.

My research will continue to find more linkage to how especially the slaves located to the different areas and how? For example from Dominica and Africa to North Carolina, USA and Virginia, USA and then to Alabama, USA and Memphis, Tennessee, USA?

Sincerely, Tempie (King) Williams

me and my mother below

Viola Mae King with her first and oldest child [Tempie Delois (King) Williams ]

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