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I am not sure how to enter the occupations of several people I have come across because I see 2 answers that may pertain to my problem. There are several people who have their name listed only once but under occupation, they may have 2 or 3 listings one on top of the other but neither "and" or "&" is used.  In one answer, it is said that you should just list the occupations next to each other, but that would not make sense. For instance,in one case, the occupations are Fire Build, Host Help & AP Clean so it would be long and confusing to just enter all of this especially with no commas.  But in another example, it is mentioned that if there are 2 occupations, to list them as 2 records (although in the sample, the name is actually listed twice).  I have entered these workers with multiple occupations as individual records which means that a person's name may actually be listed 2 or 3 times but I have not yet submitted them since I am waiting for your answer.