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== Interactive Smart Rooms Also Helps To Evaluate The Performance ==
Using these modern technologies the information will flow in various forms like computer data, text, multimedia, video and images will be overwhelming and present setup at the Digital Smart Rooms. Now day's digital technologies make it possible to keep tons of records and information at single shared place. Solutions are available which can bring this diverse information on a common platform and participants can have a converged view of the overall scenario.
Hence, a need arises to introduce Digital Smart Classes in Institutions and various Educational Sectors where in a mix of various digital tools are used to keep our participants abreast with the changes of today's time. They adapt new tools, technologies and know how to make use of modern aids in their competitive professional and challenging world.
Digital Smart Classes brings a new change in using digital technology in the training classes and classrooms. It is a Comprehensive solution designed to assist Instructors in meeting with their day to day training room challenges & enhancing participant's academic performance with simple, practical and meaningful use of various technologies. Interactive training room provides real time assessment of participants and it also evaluates the learning achieved by the individuals in class with innovative use of technology.  Interactive Smart Rooms also helps to evaluate the performance and working efforts of individuals. These modern technologies provide us a lot of comfort as now we can have everything in our control with using these digital equipments.
Interactive training room and Smart Classes is powered by the vast repository of digital content which is available on the web or various sources (books, CD's etc.) or can be contents of the Instructors lecture in digital format exactly mapped to meet the specific objectives laid out by the Institution/Instructor himself.
Smart Classrooms can be equipped with various digital technologies including Interactive Whiteboards also. Interactive Whiteboard turns your computer and projector into a powerful [http://www.mubuy.com/batteries/ batteries] of teaching, collaborating and presenting.  With a Computer image projected on to the Board, you can simply press on its large, touch-sensitive surface to access and control any application.

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