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Bold textAmerica Hollin -Cox born in 1901 in Clay County ,Kentucky was my great grandmother . I know she was married prior to Green Cox but never knew who she married then divorced for cheating and having a child . I am sure she was of Cherokee decent .She lived in a poor area called Craw Fish ,as a child we visited. She raised my mother Sally Cox-Simpson as her own due to her 17 year old son fathering my mother .She also had Elizabeth who died of T.B ,Sam ,George,and Willie her sons .She lived in a house that is no longer there .When it was it may have see,ed strange but we used the Out House ,Bathed in a Wash Tub ,and yes we hauled coal for heat and water for everything else.She gardened till she no longer could ,working very hard to wash clothes ,can her food and care for herself .I wanted to find any information on her parents or any pictures she has out there .She was an a,amazing woman .I know she had a sister Sudie Hollin-Saylor ,and Ed Saylor was Sudie's son .There seems to be a lot to find still .Who were her Parents what were the names of all of her siblings?

Dennis Bray /Susie Simpson

My father 1940-1996 Alonzo Simpson was born in Kentucky to Susie Simpson who later married Jim Scalf ,his father was Dennis Bray who I know very little about other than he had son's named Ralf and Roy who had his last name have pictures I believe to be him downloaded.He was in the military ,he was handsome ,and he had a temper ,I always heard he was of German descent.I think he was born in the early 1900's maybe 1920 .My dad was always feeling different because of this ,I would love to know who this man was .