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fields and that the dealer was some where at the back. I did not venture on further investigation but interested myself in the ugly village streets irregular untidy and altogether unattractive but having one redeeming feature in the many bright eyed children to be seen in all Indian bazaars as the streets are called where anything is sold.. Mulberry Shop Bags sale In towns the shops are pro minent and a native bazaar is full of life and better kept besides being picturesque ; and in cities the best shops are more on the European plan. There is a custom among the shopkeepers of having two or even three different prices of the same article. Mulberry Outlet site bags UK according to the status or means of the purchaser. An extreme case was when at LIFE IN A CANAL BUNGALOW. three different shops in the same row in a town in Assam I was asked twelve rupees seven and a half rupees and three and three quarter rupees for exactly the same thing . Cheap Mulberry Bags Outlet cheap mulberry handbags online the difference repre senting the various estimates made by the shop keepers of my ability and willingness to pay. At Amritsar when one of my friends who had travelled with me from England had to buy a horse this was done for him by the Executive. Mulberry Outlet Store bags engineer a Major of Royal Engineers under whose orders he had been posted. The price asked at first was too high till the Major ex plained that it was not for himself but for a young engineer just beginning his career. On this assurance the dealer put the price at a reasonab. Mulberry bags sale for UK le figure but said that he would never have heard the last of it from his fellow traders if he had sold the horse at that rate to the Major himself he being presumably quite able to pay a higher price. My bearer was a Purbeah i.e. a man be longing to a tribe of Oudh the members of which are good as head servants for light work or for carrying dhoolies sedan chairs or palanquins. He was quite satisfactory as a servant and I have always since then tried to have one or two Purbeah servants ; but they do not like going to the South. He had a habit of half repeating many of his words and would speak of a kutta utta kutta bei