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(score that is looking at the cholesterol level blood pressure they body weight and other things)
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I do not treat individual patients I’m involved in looking at disease in the community as awhile and I'm hand and services for preventive medicine rather than treatment yes great should go on and should be enhanced but prevent is the ultimate goal I feel about aspirin were in a dilemma by this is this going to be regarded as set drug that should be kept under the control of doctors or is it something that the public[http://slimdietfacts.com/  Garcinium] should be told by should be informed about and should be given the opportunity to make an informed decision on their own whether or not take aspirin now we looked at this in number of ways one was we looked at our large cohort of man incur Philly two and half size in men and carefully and we know everything about those men from early middle-aged to that we've been following them for war for thirty years and we looked at their vascular score that is looking at the cholesterol level blood pressure they body weight and other things and judging liked me power their risk is of a heart attack and we find that the level at which house bill would be beneficial was reached by those men by the age of a bite 48 so we published a paper handed was very carefully untitled aspirin for all over 50 question mark we want to promote discussion on that and we wear attacked I had colleague inhere Oxford said that this was not how wise but advice because the numbers believes that are caused by.

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