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Mabnightowl A keyer/arbitrator with the World Archives Project[[1]] [2], who started in 2009, working on NY Naturalization Indexes. When those were completed, Mabnightowl moved on to Buffalo Soldiers, Returns from Regular Army Cavalry Regiments, 1866-1916, studying hard, asking questions both through the WAP email and the US Military Records forum [3]. She has become familiar with the Buffalo Soldiers history, and has collected several links, in collaboration with other users, to make working on this particular WAP project much easier. This list of links can be found at another keyer's blog, here: [4] Mabnightowl also formed a facebook group called "World Archives Project Keyers informal forum", found here: [5]. Any keyer is welcome to join, although most of those who have joined so far have also been keying the Buffalo Soldiers project. Mabnightowl [6] also has family trees on, and has helped with a few other's trees, as well.