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Feel free to add to or edit information in this discussion tab as necessary. Please take time to become familiar with the General Keying Standards and be sure to read all instructions on the main project page. (Please note that in case of a discrepancy, project level instructions always trump general keying standards.)

Extra Keying Helps

Tip: Street names. Streets in occupied Ukraine will be hard to find on modern maps (ie, they were renamed after the occupation), but: Streets have a tendency to be named after famous Romanians. Which makes them easier to google.

Handwriting tips:

I and J: in Romanian the I names will be more common, Iacob, Iancu, Iosif, Ion. I'm seeing a lot of mistakes in this even with typewritten records.
Diacritcals: pay special attention to s and t, and look for a mark below these letters, these will be ș and ț. placenames often end -ești, also many words will end -ți. Look out for names Herș and Moișe.

General grammar:

și =and
sau= usually indicates a wife (or other family member). John Smith sau Mary would be 2 records, One for John smith, and one for Mary smith.
a lui = indicates a husband. Mary Smith a lui John, would again be 2 records.


D-lui, Dl, Dlui, domnului all mean Mr.
D-nei, Dnei, doamnei all mean Mrs.

Common Keying Errors Found by Reviewers

1) Occupations are not suffixes or street addresses. They are not being keyed for this project.

1a) In the same vein, evreu and evrică (jew, and jewess) are not prefixes. Nor are țigan and țigancă (Gypsy).

2) Classification of form types. I will elaborate on this later. There will always be some forms where classification remains a matter of choice.

3) Failing to key as written. If it says Moghilău, write Moghilău. If it says Moghilev, write Moghilev. Yes, they are aliases for the same place, but the integrity of the record should be preserved.

3a) Please do not replace ț with tz just to make a name fit the list. Key as written.

4) Failing to follow the keying standards.

5) Marking faded documents as cover pages. Any readable information is to be extracted if possible, or marked illegible if not.

6) Per the instructions on the Name list, we DO key the expediters.

7) Missing records. Especially on receipts. These are often filmed 2 or 3 to a page. Many keyers are only keying the names from one of them. All should be keyed.

8) Missing diacriticals.

8a) Wrong diacriticals. Romanian has the following special characters: ă, â, î, ș, ț. German has the following: ä, ö, ü. Diacriticals other than these should be avoided, unless there is more certainty that the name is of foreign origin. The following are not used at all: ŏ (probably a German ö), ü (either German ü or just a plain u, as a "hook" is used to distinguish u and n) , ā (this is most likely ă), ÿ (a plain y, some styles of handwriting put dots over the y to distinguish it from z), à (in Romanian, this is probably ă).
8b) ș vs ş and ț vs ţ. This one is major pain in the neck. There are 2 forms of these characters that are common and more-or-less ok the problem is the arbitration interface forces a decision between Cernăuți and Cernăuţi. I am choosing ș and ț (comma below) and not ş and ţ (cedilla). For the following reasons: they are typable on a Romanian keyboard, compatibility with newer Unicode standards, and aversion to mixing and matching different variations of the same character within the same project.

9) People have frequently been swapping given name and surname. Please pay attention to the column headers in the keying tool.

10) Crossed off records. Per the Keying standards, they are keyed

11) Mixed language forms: Ukranian/Romaninan. Please key the Romanian part. Save the Cyrillic form type for those forms with no information in the latin alphabet.

12) Record order: There are special instructions with regards to record on this project when there are expediters. Please see below Expeditor.png]

Questions and Answers

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